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I recently heard someone say that a couple who had recently become parents, had been given the gift of a baby by God, because they would be great parents.

Awh, that was a lovely thing to say wasn’t it? Well yes to some it was, but what about to those who have wanted to have children, but for some reason they have been unable to have a child, imagine how that statement may have made them feel…Does God not think they would have been great parents since they haven’t been given the gift of a child from God?


I know it’s highly unlikely that there was any intention to upset anyone when those comments were made, but it is an example of how one person’s joy can ultimately be an awful reminder to someone else of a painful event/situation.

I must admit I find it difficult at times when much of life is focused on families with children, because it can feel like those without children are outsiders. Does this ring any bells? Last week I spoke about making sure we are inclusive and don’t exclude anyone from events/discussion just because they are different from us in any way.

As I said in yesterday’s blog post (Childless #1), many just assume that because you’ve been married for a number of years and have reached a certain age, that you have children. That in itself can be hard enough to come to terms with sometimes, but when others look at you as if you’ve just told them you have a highly contagious disease, it is simply heartbreaking.

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