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Childless #4

Posted: July 8, 2016 in adoption, children, family, life, Relationships

Is it possible to come to terms with desperately wanting a child, but never having one, and move on with your life?

I’ve heard it said by a number of people that the best thing a couple can do if they want children but fail to have biological children of their own, is to “do the next best thing” and adopt.


While I understand that adoption can be a great alternative for some, I have to disagree with the suggestion that people who fail to have biological children should automatically choose adoption as a substitute – This just shows a lack of understanding and insensitivity towards those who’ve not had children of their own.

I know of many who say adopting children is a rewarding but challenging experience. However experts always say that potential adopters should think long and carefully before committing fully to adoption as it is a rigorous and emotionally challenging process which does ultimate lead to parenthood for some.

Yes, adoption can be the perfect answer for some who find they are unable to have children of their own, but it is not the answer for everyone.