Archive for July 10, 2016

I recently met someone at the local shops who I recognised as someone I thought my Mum and Dad knew, but wasn’t sure exactly who they were, and they seemed to know me too. We said hello to one another, and I then told them who I was, there was still that blank expression on their face indicating they were none the wiser who I was.

At this point I told them who my parents were and that got the response I hoped for, they realised who I was! After they told me who they were as well, we were able to share a few memories/stories of Mum and Dad with one another before, we parted agreeing to keep in touch.

So where am I going with this…well it’s about people knowing who we are because they know our parents – Because this person I met at the shops realised they knew me once they knew who my Mum and Dad were, they had expectations of who and what I am based on their knowledge of my parents…I hope I didn’t let my Mum and Dad down!

We all have people here on earth who we call family, but ultimately we are all children of God. How willing are you to tell others that you are a child of God?