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Do you collect anything?

When I was young I used to collect stamps, and I was surprised a few months ago to find that same stamp collection was still in a cupboard at my Mum and Dad’s house! I’m not entirely sure why they still had it as I don’t recall ever indicating I wanted to keep it, and it must be more years than I care to remember since I was last interested in it!

These days I can’t say I really collect anything as such but there are a few things which we have quite a few of

  • Pens – I admit I have an excessive number of pens
  • Soft toys – Particularly Tiggers!
  • Cat ornaments – Probably not got nearly as many of these as some people, but we definitely have quite a few
  • Fridge magnets – from various sources – some just because I liked them, others from places we or friends have visited, others because they came free with something one of us bought
  • Music – lots of music books, sheet music as well as my Dad’s handwritten compositions/arrangements
  • CDs – loads of CDs…most of which aren’t mine


I don’t think any of these things were things we set out to collect, they all just seem to be things that over the years we’ve acquired more and more of them, so that now we have more of them than most people!

I’m interested to hear how everyone else got started collecting things, so people leave a comment to tell me what you collect and how you got started.