Archive for November 21, 2016

Are you looking for simple ways to encourage your heart and nourish your soul?

In the last while I’ve given you some ideas which will hopefully inspire you to implement them in your own life, and over the coming weeks I’ll share some others with you.

So here’s today’s suggestion:


Clutter can be a reminder of things that need to be done, spurring a feeling of failure, so cheer yourself and your day quickly by straightening out of cupboard or a bench.

If you want to go a bit further, why not tackle your wardrobe as I’m sure if you’re anything like me, you’ll have things in your wardrobe you kept, “just in case it fits me again sometime“, even though realistically I know, it’s not going to happen.

Even just sorting your things into some kind of order rather than the cluttered chaos it currently is, will give you the illusion of de-cluttering without throwing anything out!