Archive for February 10, 2017

Real Christians are unfortunately a scarce commodity in today’s times. Some Christians can be too involved in themselves to be worried about others, and the love that is supposed to radiate from them to others, is lost. To them attending church is more about social status and socialising, than worshiping God.

That’s when someone is has gone through an awful situation or life event, it is hard to imaging the hurt and pain that they feel when they are rejected by their church “friends”.

Sadly some find themselves being rejected by their church and friends without any obvious reason. That in turn can make them feel so low, and feel God doesn’t love them, and instead of feeling love and security from their Christian brothers and sisters, they simply realise the cold harsh reality that these so-called “friends” aren’t true friends.

I find this so disturbing, because when anyone is hurting or struggling for whatever reason, isn’t that the time when they are most in need of their Christian brothers and sisters?

Spend time loving those who are struggling or hurting – Help them and lift them up to Jesus. As well as praying for them though, reach out and hold them, after all what would Jesus do in this situation. Would He turn His back on them or would He hold out His arms and lovingly embrace them?

Love those who are hurting and nurse them back into spiritual health. I pray that we may each do all we can to bring love back into our lives and into our churches.