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Today’s post follows on from last Monday’s post, Absent, about being absent from work or church.

When you’ve been off work for a period of time, either a few days, weeks or even months, what happens when you return to work? Do you just turn up and get back to work as if nothing has happened, or do you do a phased return (i.e. return to work on a part-time basis building up gradually to full-time again), or do you have to attend a return to work interview with your boss/manager?

Many places these days allow for phased returns to work and hold return to work interviews with their employees to to discuss you’re well-being and ensure you get the support/help you need to be back at work. The usefulness of these return to work interviews I guess is very dependent on your boss and your relationship with them.

What about if you’ve been absent from church, what happens, or what should happen when you return?

I guess it depends how missed you are – In other words, if many people contacted you while who were missing, many will check on your well-being when you return to church again; Similarly, if few contacted you when you missed church, that probably show you weren’t particularly missed, and so you are probably just greeted by others as if you’ve never been missing from church.


As I said last week, if we call ourselves Christians, we should be supporting and caring for those around us – and that includes our family, friends, work colleagues, fellow church members – and must do so for everyone, not just those we consider our close friends or family.

When someone returns to church after an absent of even just one week, their fellow Christian brothers and sisters should reach out to them to check how they are, and encourage them by telling them that they have been missed, otherwise they’ll think no-one has even noticed they were missing!