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Following on from yesterday’s blog post, The Wrong Question, I’ve realised that sometimes we think we’re being asked the wrong question by God when he asks us to do something which we don’t want to hear.

Lord, thou art questioning: Lovest thou me?

Yea, Lord, thou knowest, my answer must be;

But since love’s value is proved by love’s test,

Jesus, I’ll give thee the dearest and best.

God Has planned out our lives in front of user and so He knows better than we do what we are capable of, and what we can achieve. Therefore, when God asks you a question, or asks you to do something which you feel you cannot do, think again, because if God asks you a question, remember He knows what you are capable of and so wouldn’t ask you to do something you weren’t capable of.

All in my heart, Lord, thou canst read;

Master, thou knowest I love thee indeed.

Ask what thou wilt my devotion to test,

I will surrender the dearest and best.