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That moment when you’ve gone out somewhere, look down at your feet and realised, you’ve got two different shoes on!

Have you ever done that? I have! A number of years ago I went to work with two different shoes on – I only realised as I was getting out my car after I parked the car at work. The stupidest thing about it was they were different colours, different styles and had different sizes of heels, so how on earth did I not notice they were different when I put them on! I remember I felt so stupid and immediate jumped straight back into the car, imagining ‘everyone’ had noticed.

Needless to say I don’t think anyone actually noticed even although there were a few others around, getting out their cars and heading into the nearby offices. Of course me being me, I couldn’t possibly go into the office with two different shoes on could I?

Well you’re right, I didn’t go into the office with two different shoes on…but what did I do? Well I realised I had a pair of old tatty shoes in the boot of my car, which I’d taken out the office a number of weeks beforehand. The choice was two different shoes, or a pair of tatty worn shoes…I went for the tatty old shoes as at least they were a matching pair!


Have you ever gone out anywhere wearing different shoes? If so when did you realise and what did you do?