Archive for May 29, 2017

Do you think there will ever be a time again when we can feel safe and secure in this world? Sadly I’m not sure there will ever be.

All we hear about these days is physical or emotional violence against someone or something all around the world. Are we living in the beginning of ‘end times’?

The bible tells us of many signs of end times, and the persecution of Christians around the world, is just one such sign. Personally it scares me that we may be living in end times, but at the same time it’s also quite exciting. Exciting because I believe Jesus is coming again, and that means He will judge each of us based on how we’ve lived our lives.

So at the end of time, if Jesus will judge each of us, isn’t it the case that we don’t have to judge any of our fellow human beings, no matter how what they may have done in their life.


It’s down to us as Christians to remind the world that Jesus loves all of us unconditionally, and spread his message of love and hope. God wants us to live in peace so let us each show love, compassion and mercy to everyone.