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Autumn is coming…actually it may already be here.

Already darker in the morning.

As for night time, the light’s on long before eight.

All around us nature is changing colour to show us autumn is well on its way.

As the night’s draw in, it’ll soon be time to turn the clocks back an hour.

And then it really will be autumn – the days will be shorter, the nights will be longer.

And we’ll be wondering what kind of winter we’re going to get.

A winter of storms, freezing temperatures and snow or just a cold winter with a few snow flurries.

As we can prepare for autumn and the onset of winter, we must remember that while we may be ready, many will find winter difficult as they struggle to keep warm and find enough food to eat.

All of us can do our bit to help those who will find winter difficult. All we have to do is offer them help.


Where is God?

With so many suffering in the world today, it’s not surprising that many feel so alone, that God’s not here. However, the fact that you have wondered where God is, means someone else has too. I believe that it’s up to those of us who do believe God is here, to help everyone else also discover God is here.

In John’s gospel, just before Jesus was crucified, Jesus told His disciples about a comforter He would send, to remind them of all the things He had taught. Sure enough, that comforter, the Holy Spirit of God, came to them just a short time after Jesus ascended into heaven. We go on to read about the disciples being filled with His Spirit and declaring the Gospel message, in the first chapter of Acts.

Just as the disciples came to know the Comforter, confessing their sins and then accepting God’s forgiveness, so can we. If we have the holy spirit living in us, comforting us, we will gradually become more like Him. As we become more like Him, others will begin to discover where God is by knowing us.

So help others find God today, by accepting God into your life.

He’s where?

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Have you ever typed “Where is God” into Google?

Out of curiosity, I did this the other day – what kind of site would you expect the top result to be?

Well the top result when I did this was the following:

Yes, I was as surprised as you probably are, that the first things listed was a place called ‘God’, in Hungary.

I had certainly been expecting to find a website giving some theological reasons to why God is all around us wherever we are, but that certainly wasn’t what I got was it.

I wonder what it’s like living in the place called ‘God’? Do think realise that they ‘live in God’?

Personally I don’t need to live in Hungary in a place called ‘God’ to be aware of God in my life – How about you, are you living in God, and is He living in your life?

God is patient with us, even when we ignore Him or disappoint Him.

I don’t know about you, but patience is definitely not one of my strong points! So thank goodness God has more patience than me!

God’s patient with us because He knows He can provide all we ever need.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful hymn tune St Teresa played here by Kettering Salvation Army Band.

Have you ever felt as if God wasn’t there? That He wasn’t listening when you prayed?

When you’ve most been in need of God, have you ever tried to go it on your own, thinking you don’t need Him?

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy can’t we – So run to God instead of turning away from Him when you are struggling.

Take away the blindness
Lead me through the dark
Don’t let me fall apart
Save me from my bitterness
Show me who I am
Make me who You want me to be
I know I pushed You away
Lookin’ for someone to blame, yeah
Now I can see, I’ve been my own worst enemy

If someone is strong enough to bring you down, show them you are strong enough to get up. — Unknown

Sometimes when someone hurts you and brings you down in front of others, it can be crushing. You just want to give up or hide away. But isn’t that just letting these people win?

It’s time to take control. Don’t let other people’s opinions and thoughts about you discourage you…that’s the devil working through them. Be strong, keep going, as God is directing you in the way He wants you to go, and will get you through whatever anyone else will say or do to you.

Be strong!


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When we have problems with our laptops/tablets/phones we restart them to try to fix the problem. How about life, what do we do when we face problems in life?

Well, just as when we restart our devices when they fail, we can restart our lives by letting God into our lives and making us new.

I know we can’t actual make more time, but we can manage our time.

Have you noticed how regardless of how busy you are, if you really want to speak to someone, you will find time in your busy schedule? Others will do the same for you as well, won’t they?

If they don’t, I think you have to consider that you are not that important to them, and maybe they aren’t the kind of friend you thought, or wanted them to be.

If you care about someone, make sure you make time to be with them, talk to them and just as importantly listen to them.

So which of these steps are you on?

Have you got ‘stuck’ on your current step?

When you haven’t reached even the 1st step, it can seem like there’s no point it trying to start climbing the stairs. However once you start to learn and are able to take another new step, you gain confidence; with confidence comes optimism; with optimism comes targets and goals and when you have targets/goals you aim higher and higher until you reach the top of the stairs, your goal.

So don’t feel dejected if you’ve not started onto that 1st step yet, but have confidence in your ability, and you can achieve great things.

Complete it

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Do you ever think, “I can’t do that” or “that’s impossible”?

Well remind yourself that, if God has asked you to do something, He will make sure you have the tools, resources, and the ability to complete your task.