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He’s where?

Posted: September 28, 2017 in faith, Relationships, religion
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Have you ever typed “Where is God” into Google?

Out of curiosity, I did this the other day – what kind of site would you expect the top result to be?

Well the top result when I did this was the following:

Yes, I was as surprised as you probably are, that the first things listed was a place called ‘God’, in Hungary.

I had certainly been expecting to find a website giving some theological reasons to why God is all around us wherever we are, but that certainly wasn’t what I got was it.

I wonder what it’s like living in the place called ‘God’? Do think realise that they ‘live in God’?

Personally I don’t need to live in Hungary in a place called ‘God’ to be aware of God in my life – How about you, are you living in God, and is He living in your life?