Today is the letter “A”

Autumn is coming…actually it may already be here.

Already darker in the morning.

As for night time, the light’s on long before eight.

All around us nature is changing colour to show us autumn is well on its way.

As the night’s draw in, it’ll soon be time to turn the clocks back an hour.

And then it really will be autumn – the days will be shorter, the nights will be longer.

And we’ll be wondering what kind of winter we’re going to get.

A winter of storms, freezing temperatures and snow or just a cold winter with a few snow flurries.

As we can prepare for autumn and the onset of winter, we must remember that while we may be ready, many will find winter difficult as they struggle to keep warm and find enough food to eat.

All of us can do our bit to help those who will find winter difficult. All we have to do is offer them help.


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