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Ever felt as if you don’t really belong? It can’t be a nice feeling when you’ve not got any close friends; no-one looks out for you; and then when you’re ‘missing’ no-one even notices. This can happen in any aspect of someone’s life; at school, in their job, social club, sports club, and even at church.

The sad part of that is definitely when people feel alone when at their own church, as isn’t church a place where you should definitely not feel like an outsider!

There are no outsiders to God, because he loves every regardless of your background, or what they have done.

There are no outsiders to Your love
We are all welcome, there’s grace enough
When I have wandered Lord, your cross is the open door
There are no outsiders
I’m not an outsider to Your love

So don’t ever feel like you’re on your own, or on the outside, because God loves you.