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Daddy’s Girl
My old man
I’m a chip off the old block
My old man
Is still living here
Not in flesh and bone, he’s never far from home
I’m forever walkin’ in my daddy’s shoes
I’ve got his misery, I got good company
Guess I’ll always be
My daddy’s girl
My momma sang
Call it inspiration
And she’s comin’ on through me
I can feel her now
Though she walks on the other side
To me she’s still quite alive
I’m forever rockin’ in my mommas arms
Mom had a broken heart
From a world just too damn hard
Mine breaks often cause I’m a momma’s girl
You spend a lifetime saying this is who I am
Then you find yourself saying something
You don’t understand, you look in the mirror
There you are
Your daddy’s girl
I came across these lyrics a few weeks ago, and they brought tears to my eyes. Not because they upset me, but because they reminded me of all the times Mum used to tell me and others how much of a Daddy’s girl I was.
These words have been on my mind even the last few days, as today marks six years since my Dad passed away. Neither Mum or Dad are here any more, but it doesn’t stop me thinking about them every day because I love and miss them so very much.
Although Mum and Dad have both gone, I hope their legacy lives on through me. I simply hope I make them proud.