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Unable to stop thinking about something; having a complete preoccupation with someone or something, to an extent that seems extreme to others.

Obsessions come in lots of different forms

  • dieting
  • going to the gym, fitness, sporting activities
  • trying to keep looking youthful
  • health supplements
  • working
  • being the best at everything
  • religion

While the description above of being obsessed may seem quite extreme, obsessions do not need to be bad things. In fact, once we acknowledge our obsessions and know when they’re taking over our daily activities, we’ve regained control.

Having said that, I hope that others can see I am obsessed with God, because I love Him, and I know He loves me. I therefore try to do all I can to repay God’s love for me each day but living my life for Him. That I know to some, may seem like I am obsessed, but to me, it’s no obsession, it’s simply my way of repaying God for all He’s done for me.