Scars and wounds

Wounds can cause severe pain. When they start to heal the pain normally tends to subside. However that is normally only true for physical wounds.

Not everyone suffers severe physical wounds during their lifetime, but everyone suffers severe emotional or psychological trauma during their lifetime. Its those wounds which often never really heal – The severe pain may dull over time, but the emotional distress or trauma never really goes away.

Many physical wounds or the consequences of them can be seen by others in the way someone walks or moves. However emotional wounds are often not visible to others, and often not even known by others. We can all be good at putting on our public face, and ‘hiding’ how we really feel from others. In doing so that can often stop our emotional wounds from healing, as often sharing our pain or wounds with others, can help us – It never stops the wounds from hurting, but just knowing someone else knows how we feels, and cares about us, can be enough to help our emotional wounds heal just a little bit.

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