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Some people will lie to make them seem more important. Some will lie to cover up their mistakes. Others will lie to play on your sympathy. While some will lie for their own gain (financially or professionally).

Some people lie thinking their lies will never be found out, but from experience I suspect we can all think of people who have lied to us, or our friends and family, but who have ended up catching themselves out in their own lies.

Some are even more blatant than that, some tell lies to people to their face then post contradicting statements or photos on social media which these same people can see. Do they think those they lie to are blind or don’t comprehend the contradictions the person lying is posting?

It’s true what many say, when people lie, those lies will catch up with them. Usually because they forget the details of the lies they’ve told, so end up telling different people different ‘stories’ or versions of their lies. All that will happen is those you’ve lied to will no longer trust you or respect you.

Lying will never get you anywhere. In fact it’s more likely to lose you friends, and opportunities or support from your work colleagues. The bottom line is just don’t lie!