Archive for November 6, 2019

The couple of weeks ago, we spent most of a day going through desks and cupboards clearing out things that were no longer needed. This is the second time within a reasonably short period of time that we’ve done this. However we still found that many of the documents we’d kept the last time because we thought they were still required, were now not needed or of any use anymore.

This got me thinking about my own life and the past hurts and sorrows which I’m still hanging onto, even although I tell myself they don’t matter anymore. The only way to truly clear out those past hurts from our lives is to take them to God and leave them with him.

I’m sure we wouldn’t want to have to carry a huge pile of documents around with us all day every day if they were no longer useful, so why carry around hurts and disappointment each day which can eat away at us, when if we give them to God, our load will be lightened.