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A flare can be used to either highlight your position to anyone who sees the flare, alerting them that you are in need of assistance. A flare can also be a sudden burst of bright flame or light, which can be used to give those that see it, direction to safety.

Ever tried to find your way in the pitch darkness?

Ever stumbled along in the darkness just wishing that you’d find some sort of guiding light to help you find your way?

In each of those situations, wouldn’t it be great to get some sort of light on our current situation, so that you can be guided to safety? In many ways God can be that ‘flare’ that we need in times of trouble, as if we put our trust firmly in him, no matter what we’re going through, God will be with us, and will guide us through those tough times.

So next time you see a flare or a beacon of light shining brightly, think of God – Is He shining a flare to help you find your way? Are you following?