Some people

Some people will always try to do their best at everything they do both at work and in their personal life.

Some will make sure they adhere to the policies and procedures of their employer.

Some people will always do all they can to do as little work as they possibly can, and in doing so will stretch policies and procedures to their limit.

Some people see sickness absence as additional days holiday that they are entitled to each year, even if they aren’t unwell.

Do those that try and do as little work as possible realise the impact their lack of application has on their colleagues?

Stretching policies and procedures to their limits, results in the policies and procedures being tightened so means the majority who haven’t abused the system, end up being penalised.

Taking sickness absence when not unwell or claiming to be more unwell or unfit for work than you actually are again impacts on your work colleagues.

What makes all these things worse, is when those concerned

  • are oblivious to the impact their actions have on their colleagues;
  • have no shame it openly lying about their circumstances or the severity of their illness;
  • make no attempt to try and return to work;

Let’s be honest, we all know or have known people who take advantage of rules/regulations or policies/procedures. It can be very annoying for those who have not abused the system, and find themselves watching while those with much lesser need lie and stretch the rules just so they can claim all the non-working time or sickness absence they possibly can.

It’s sad when people feel they it’s ok to exaggerate the truth (i.e. lie) just so they can personally benefit. But have you noticed how it’s always these people who always feel they’ve been hard done by, and have been victimised? They are definitely not the victims

  • those who have to pick up the work of those who fail to do their job are the victims.
  • the victims are those who end up not getting paid leave in the future, because policies and procedures are changed because a small number of people abuse the rules.
  • their work colleagues are the victims as ultimately your organisation may be unable to meet work deadlines because of absences, so they end up having to make people redundant.

If you are one of those who have abused the rules, I hope this post makes you stop and think about the impact your actions have on yourself and your organisation. Your actions can cost jobs and demotivates your colleagues.



  1. Couldn’t agree with you more Dorothy. Some people do everything they can not to have to work, mostly legally, but they will look for every loop hole in the system and exploit it. It leaves those of us who do everything we can to be fit for work, often during the most difficult of circumstances, frustrated and wondering why we bother. I know you’ve been through a lot in the last few years too, and I’m totally amazed that you were able, and willing to return to work after you major surgery after just 4 months off, as I seem to recall you told me you were told you were likely to be off minimum of 3 months but could be 6 months. So proud of you. Let’s hope those who continue to take advantage of the current system, get what that truly deserve 🙂 Di


    1. Thanks Dianne – Yes it’s frustrating isn’t it. Especially when some of us do more than we should have to to get ourselves to work each day. You’re right I was told I’d be off work for probably between 3-6months though 3months was absolute minimum I’d be off – Yes I was back at work on a phased return after 4 months off. It was tough, but I was glad to get back to some kind of normality again.
      Thanks for your supportive comments


  2. totally get wot your saying. it really pissed me off how some guys don’t want to to a days work but are happy to get paid for it while the rest of us work our butts off to meet deadlines. should be able to get rid off the lazy one who make every and any excuse not to do any work or come to work at all. Good on ya for highlighting this


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