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Have you ever looked up and found yourself looking straight into an extra bright light, one which, even after you look away, still blinds you for a few minutes?

But did you see the flares in the sky?
Were you blinded by the light?
Did you see the sparks filled with hope?
You are not alone
‘Cause someone’s out there, sending out flares

When there’s darkness all around us, any kind of light can seem extra bright. That’s why even in our darkest days, God’s love shines through the darkness – We simply need to reach out and take hold of God’s light of love.

I want to be blinded by God’s love – not so I don’t see and appreciate everything and everyone around me, but simply so I keep my focus on God, and keep him at the centre of all I do.

Sending flares

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Did you see the sparks filled with hope?
You are not alone
‘Cause someone’s out there, sending out flares.

You are not alone!

You are never alone, because God is always by your side. His guiding light should be a source of hope and reassurance to each of us.

Remember you are never alone, because God always sends out ‘flares’ to guide us through every situation.

A flare can be used to either highlight your position to anyone who sees the flare, alerting them that you are in need of assistance. A flare can also be a sudden burst of bright flame or light, which can be used to give those that see it, direction to safety.

Ever tried to find your way in the pitch darkness?

Ever stumbled along in the darkness just wishing that you’d find some sort of guiding light to help you find your way?

In each of those situations, wouldn’t it be great to get some sort of light on our current situation, so that you can be guided to safety? In many ways God can be that ‘flare’ that we need in times of trouble, as if we put our trust firmly in him, no matter what we’re going through, God will be with us, and will guide us through those tough times.

So next time you see a flare or a beacon of light shining brightly, think of God – Is He shining a flare to help you find your way? Are you following?

What do you think of when you think of power?

Psalm 46:1 (The Passion translation)

God, you’re such a safe and powerful place to find refuge!
You’re a proven help in time of trouble — more than enough and always available whenever I need you.

God is powerful, and that power is displayed to us through the blood of Jesus – Because of His death, we have the power to be free and forgiven of our sins.

Power in the Blood

Would you be free from the burden of sin?
There’s pow’r in the blood, pow’r in the blood;
Would you o’er evil a victory win?
There’s wonderful pow’r in the blood.

Would you be free from your passion and pride?
There’s pow’r in the blood, pow’r in the blood;
Come then for cleansing to Calvary’s tide;
There’s wonderful pow’r in the blood.

There is pow’r, pow’r, wonder-working pow’r
In the blood of the Lamb;
There is pow’r, pow’r, wonder-working pow’r
In the blood of the Lamb
The precious blood of the Lamb.

Would you be whiter, yes whiter than snow?
There’s pow’r in the blood, pow’r in the blood;
Sin-stains are lost in its life-giving flow;
There’s wonderful pow’r in the blood.

Would you do service for Jesus your King?
There’s pow’r in the blood, pow’r in the blood;
Would you live daily His praises to sing?
There’s wonderful pow’r in the blood.

There is pow’r, pow’r, wonder-working pow’r
In the blood of the Lamb;
There is pow’r, pow’r, wonder-working pow’r
In the blood of the Lamb
The precious blood of the Lamb.


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Your love not fractured, its not a troubled mind
It isn’t anxious
Its not the restless kind
Your love’s not passive
It’s never disengaged
It’s always present
It’s hang on every word we say
Love keeps it promises
It keeps its word
It honours what’s sacred
Cause its vows are good
Your love not broken
It’s not insecure
Your love not selfish
You love is pure

Philippians 4:8 (NIV)

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

When we give God every part of our lives we will experience true love. God’s love is pure.

I’ve found myself finding I’ve run out of time to complete or do a few things in the last few weeks, and it’s been frustrating. It been particularly frustrating as these deadlines weren’t imposed at the last minute, but were in fact planned at least a week beforehand.

The problem has been that for several of the tasks, I delayed started them because I felt I still had plenty of time to complete them. Unfortunately, as time went on, I ended up with other tasks to do as well, which moved the planned tasks further down my priority list, but I still thought I had plenty of time to do them.

Don’t keep putting off sorting out your future because you think there’s still plenty of time to sort that out. We don’t know what lies ahead of us, so if something is important to you, make sure you get that sorted out as soon as you can, that way you limit the change of running out of time to do it.

Our relationship with God is similar, as we only have our time here on earth to sort out our future with God. So I encourage you to ‘sort out’ your future with God, by giving your heart to him, and ensuring your future is decided.

I’ve done a few Word Associations with you over the last while, and today it’s time for another one – This time with the theme ‘Sports’! I’m sure we all have our favourite sports, or ones we’re not so keen on, or maybe even ones we don’t understand. As usual I’ll throw the names of some sports at you, and I want you to note down the first word that comes into your mind when you read the name of the sport.

So here goes…

  1. Cycling
  2. Archery
  3. Boxing
  4. Judo
  5. Formula 1
  6. Netball
  7. Rowing
  8. Volleyball
  9. Basketball
  10. Hurling

wordsSo how did you get on with those sports? Did you find it easy? Did your answers surprise you or were they just as you expected?

Well here’s my responses to my questions:

  1. Speed
  2. Gold
  3. Danger
  4. Floor
  5. Crash
  6. Centre
  7. Cambridge
  8. Great
  9. Tall
  10. Limited

I still believe that when we respond with the first words that come into our minds, our answers tell us a lot about our emotional state, and what’s important to us at that particular point in time.

Bearing all this in mind, review your answers, does my theory hold true?

By the way, if you want me to explain any of my answers, just ask!

Won’t let go

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John 16:33 ~ I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

I think we can all agree that “in this world you will have trouble”. However not everyone agrees that God can give us peace because He has overcome the world.

Yes, many do not believe that God exists or choose to ignore Him. That’s why we must show those who don’t believe in God, that they too can find peace if they accept God, and give Him all their troubles.

In a recent conversation with someone we were talking about our frustrations at trying to get some specific tasks completed. During that conversation the person spoke about how they had agreed to take on the task because they felt they would be able to make a difference in other people’s lives by doing so.

Unfortunately that person has now found out that there are so many constraints on what they’re allowed to do, that they’re now questioning their decision agree to do the task. I felt so sorry for this person as you could see the passion and drive that they had when they first agreed to do the task, had slowly been drained from them. They were now questioning why they were still even trying to do the task.

The sad thing is, I know this person would, and could make a huge difference in others lives if they were allowed to get on with the task in hand without others unjustly putting obstacles in their way. Oh how the devil likes to wear us down doesn’t he?

We can be stronger than the devil when we’re challenged or frustrated by putting our trust firmly in God. If we give God all our frustrations, and all our challenges, God will help us get His work done by guiding us through those difficult times.

The couple of weeks ago, we spent most of a day going through desks and cupboards clearing out things that were no longer needed. This is the second time within a reasonably short period of time that we’ve done this. However we still found that many of the documents we’d kept the last time because we thought they were still required, were now not needed or of any use anymore.

This got me thinking about my own life and the past hurts and sorrows which I’m still hanging onto, even although I tell myself they don’t matter anymore. The only way to truly clear out those past hurts from our lives is to take them to God and leave them with him.

I’m sure we wouldn’t want to have to carry a huge pile of documents around with us all day every day if they were no longer useful, so why carry around hurts and disappointment each day which can eat away at us, when if we give them to God, our load will be lightened.