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Are you the type of person who likes to turn the tv or radio on as soon as you get out of bed and chat to the rest of your household or do you like quiet and time to ‘come to’ slowly and peacefully?

I’m definitely the later, I hate noise or talking when I get up in the morning, and by that I mean for about the first hour of two after I get out of bed!

Are there specific things you like or want to include in your morning routine? For me having some quiet time after I awake gives me that time to just be, to think about the day ahead, to pray for the day ahead and the other people or situations on my prayer list.

So even if you like your noise in the morning, make sure you still find some quiet time with God, making him not just part of your every day, but the centre of your day.

That’s true isn’t it, because if you don’t recognise the things you are not so good at, or the things you can’t do, how can you ever hope to improvement on them?

Therefore take some time to fully examine all you do, identify the areas of your life that you’re not so proud of, or know you can do better at, and then make them the areas you concentrate on to improve. You can improve everything in your life, if you understand firstly what’s not quite right about it, and then make a plan to improve on it.

Good luck!

Chaos – The word normally makes us think of unwanted disorganisation or confusion.

Are you the kind of person who likes or enjoys chaos, or do you prefer everything to be planned and scheduled so you always know what and when things will happen?

While I admit to being someone who like to be organised, and have a plan or list of tasks, I also must admit I like a little bit of chaos sometimes…but just a little bit! There’s something kind of invigorating and refreshing about not knowing what’s going to happen next, or even when it’s going to happen. However for me, it’s got to still be a ‘controlled’ chaos, particularly if it’s chaos in an area or subject matter I am involved in.

Why? Because I’m a perfectionist, and so I like order, planning and someone to be in control.

I will admit that a little bit of chaos is probably good for me sometimes, as it takes me out of my comfort zone, and make me deal with or cope with a situation or circumstances I’m not comfortable with. Getting outside our comfort zone, can be good for us all sometimes. I just hope I don’t have to cope with too many chaotic situations though!

What do you think it means to give you best?

I am a perfectionist, so for me, giving of my best means doing everything to the best of my ability. Unfortunately I am guilty of expecting too much from myself at times, so can set unrealistic targets. That is all fine, as long as I realise while I’m doing something that I need to reset my targets so they are achievable.

That’s fine for me, but what about you, do you give more than you should, meaning you end up physically/emotionally hurting yourself?

Please don’t as nothing and no-one is really worth it. Just do what you can, that is all others, and you, should expect of you.


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Yesterday in Over and Under Valued, I spoke about how we often undervalue our own worth. Today I want to remind you that God values you. In fact God values every one of us, because He knows everything about us, and knows what we are capable of achieving.

So never think no-one values you, because God will always value you, and you should value yourself too.

Are you one of these people who, when asked to do something, always says ‘Yes’?

There was a long time in my life when that was exactly what I did, I would say ‘Yes’ before really considering any of the following:

  • did I have time to prepare?
  • did I have the free time to attend?
  • was it something/somewhere I wanted to do/be?
  • was I or anyone else going to gain from me doing the task?
  • was it going to push me into something I didn’t want to do?

For me, it was usually my time that was the issue, as I was out the house most nights of the week and sometimes the weekends too, doing one thing or another, so need really had much free time to fit anything else into.

I did come to a realisation at one point in my life though that I should stop and consider requests from now on, before giving my answer. And what a difference that made! Yes, I have felt incredibly guilty sometimes for saying ‘No’ to some requests, even though I’ve seriously evaluated whether it is sensibly and practical for me to undertake them, before saying ‘No’.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say ‘No’ to every task I’m asked to do, but I do think I make better decisions about what tasks are the right ones for me to undertake at that time.

How many times when you were younger did your parents shout to you, “Are you ready to go?”

Throughout our lives we have to get ourselves ready for time for specific events or meetings. Are you the kind of person who likes to be ready on time, or are you someone who rushes around at the last minutes, or are you the person who always turns up a few minutes late?

When I was younger I used to always be running at the last-minute to get to events or meetings, but these days I’m the complete opposite as I always try to be early for everything I’m expected to attend.

However, just because I like to be ready in time for events, doesn’t always mean I’m fully prepared! I might have got myself to the events or meeting place on time, but it doesn’t mean I’ve done all the preparatory work I should have done. When this happens, I never quite get out the event or meeting what I hoped, and that is the lesson I’ve learned…that I need to make sure I’m fully prepared.

At work we have managers or team leaders who are there to guide, direct and teach us.

How about in your life as a whole? Do you know who is leading you?

God is my Lord, and my leader. I hope He is your leader too.

Are you trying to achieve big things?

No matter how big or small the changes you’re trying to make, there’s no point in trying to change lots of things at the same time. If you did that it would just cause chaos, and you wouldn’t know what worked and what didn’t.

So instead start by changing one small thing at a time, then another and another. Before you know it you’ll have made a huge different by making significant changes, one small step at a time.

We set ourselves goals, we set ourselves targets. When you achieve those goals or meet those targets, do you feel a sense of accomplishment?

Before we even set those goals or targets, we need to convince ourselves to actually try! If we have no motivation to try to achieve anything, I can guarantee you’ll fail. So consider what you want to achieve, set realistic goals or targets, and then try to achieve them!

Good luck!