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What more applicable words can there be in these times of uncertainty and fear, than these ones:

Dear lord and father of mankind forgive our foolish ways

With all the horrific events that have occurred around the world in recent times, all because man cannot live in peace with our fellow man, mean we are living in dark times. It’s the foolishness of man that has got this world into this state, not God’s.

Sadly though there are many who blame God for all these horrendous events questioning why he can let them happen. It’s up to us to inform these people that God is just as upset about what our fellow man is doing, as we are. So what can we do?

As we can do in any and all situations in life, we can pray – we can pray for our world, that despite the turmoil and uncertainty we see all around, God is still here, and He does still love each and every one of us. With God’s help we can change this world into a loving and caring world!

In spite of us, God manages to make some good in all of us

We may thing we make a positive contribution in all we do, but do we really?

God has plans for us, but sometimes we think we know better and do what we want to do instead of what He wants.

Have you noticed that when we go our own way, that’s when things don’t normally work out well. Yet God puts up with our stubbornness, and continues to find the good in us, despite our best attempts to sabotage His plans for us.

Imagine we were left to our own devices with no belief or knowledge of God…do you think you’d be half the person you are today?

Looking back on my life, there have been several times in my life when I could have completely turned away from God and gone my own way. However I’m pleased I stuck with God and allowed Him to mould my life further, as I believe I would never have achieved what I have without God by my side.

I’d urge you today, work with God, not against Him as He will help us find the good in ourselves.

In so many areas of life we find people who freely give up their own personal time and talents to help others, expecting nothing in return except the knowledge that they’ve helped others.

Whether it running a kids’ football team, working in a charity shop, taking on a position within your church, helping those with disabilities, helping to educate others by leading evening classes, or some other voluntary act, people do these things voluntarily, and that is what others need to remember.

We can all be quick to make derogatory comments about the ability of the person who has volunteered. Many will think they can do better than the person who is in charge, but can they?

From experience, probably not! Even if we were capable of doing a job better than the person who has volunteered, we should be supportive and helpful towards the person, after all they have given of their time and talents freely, while we haven’t! They may not be perfect at the job they have undertaken, but they are doing their best – They wouldn’t have been given the job if those in charge didn’t think they were capable of doing a good job.

Volunteers aren’t in it for their own glorification, but are there to help others, so if you find yourself putting your trust in volunteers to lead, help, train or educate you or your family, don’t put them down or tell others you could do better.  Instead, always give them your support and encouragement.

God placed us on this earth.

God made us who we are today.

Let’s remember to thank Him each day for giving us life.

We live because God gave us life, so we must give our all to Him in return.

He’s where?

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Have you ever typed “Where is God” into Google?

Out of curiosity, I did this the other day – what kind of site would you expect the top result to be?

Well the top result when I did this was the following:

Yes, I was as surprised as you probably are, that the first things listed was a place called ‘God’, in Hungary.

I had certainly been expecting to find a website giving some theological reasons to why God is all around us wherever we are, but that certainly wasn’t what I got was it.

I wonder what it’s like living in the place called ‘God’? Do think realise that they ‘live in God’?

Personally I don’t need to live in Hungary in a place called ‘God’ to be aware of God in my life – How about you, are you living in God, and is He living in your life?

Complete it

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Do you ever think, “I can’t do that” or “that’s impossible”?

Well remind yourself that, if God has asked you to do something, He will make sure you have the tools, resources, and the ability to complete your task.


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When you’re taking part is a sports competition, you prepare for the competition by training and practicing to perfect your skills.

When at school, college or university, to prepare for exams, you spend time studying so you have as much knowledge as possible for the exams.

Likewise if you have a presentation to do at work, you don’t leave that until the last-minute to put your presentation together. Instead you spend time preparing your presentation in advance so you are confident of what you want to say and the message you want to get across to the listeners.

How about life in general, how do we prepare for that? There’s a simple answer to that, have faith in God!

Even when we’re going through what seems like tough times, we must always remember God has a plan for our lives.

“not deserving respect or attention”

We hear people saying they are unworthy of receiving awards; or a particular person is unworthy of our trust; or when feeling depressed, people feel unworthy and weak. ~ These are just a few examples of when the word ‘unworthy’ is used.

Personally when I think of the word ‘unworthy’ it’s normally in relation to God. Not because  think God is unworthy of my trust and my love, but the complete opposite – While He is completely worthy of my trust and love, I in contrast, feel I am completely unworthy of His love and care. God gave so much for me, but what have I given Him in return?

I try each day to be the person God wants me to be, but I know continually disappoint Him. However I know God doesn’t give up on me, so with that assurance I know He will continue to help me.

We all have people in our lives that we call friends.

If we use the following quote from Nicky Gumbel, how many of your friends do you consider to be a real friend:

A true friend knows your weakness but shows you your strength; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but stresses your abilities

It can be scary knowing that there is someone who knows exactly how you’re feeling without you having to say a word. However it can also be so reassuring. So tell your friends how much they mean to you, in return be a real friend to them too.

From the moment we first open our eyes in the morning, to the second we close our eyes drift off to sleep each night, are you conscious of God’s presence in your life?

Whether you are conscious of God’s presence or not, He is present in your life each day:

Above and below me
Before and behind me
In every eye that sees me
Christ be all around me
Above and below me
Before and behind me
In every eye that sees me
Christ be all around me
Whoa, whoa
Christ be all around me

So let God be a powerful and meaningful presence in your life, by trusting each and every minute of your day and night, to Him, because Christ is around you always.