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When it come to courage, would you consider yourself to be as courageous as a lion or as timid as a mouse?

Courage does not always roar. Sometimes it is a quiet voice at the end of the day, saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” ~ Mary Anne Radmacher

Sometimes when times are tough, to be courageous and strong, requires great self-composure and silence, so you can listen.

Courage isn’t always about physical strength as we often need courage to face difficult situations which do not require physical strength but mental strength. Therefore whether you are a loud roaring lion or a timid quiet mouse, we each possess all the qualities to be courageous.

Sunday night into Monday morning we didn’t get a good night’s sleep as we were woken up just after 3am by our cat Tigger, being sick and going to the toilet lots as times. Tigger wasn’t too well for the next couple of hours before he finally settled down, at which point we managed to get some more sleep.

Given this is the second time in a month Tigger’s had this same problem, and given his age (he’ll be 16 in July), I thought it best to take him back to the vets again to get checked out.

Thankfully after visiting the vet and some blood tests it seems Tigger is probably ok, however it will be the end of the week before we get the additional blood test results back.

Anyway, it’s really the visit to the vets that I wanted to talk about today…

I arrived at the vets with Tigger about 10 minutes early for his appointment (as usual Tig was “hiding” in the rear of his carry-case as he no-like vets.

The vets was quite busy with about 3 other cat or dog owners sitting waiting with their petsto see a vet. There were two vets on that afternoon so I expected we’d get taken quite soon, however it was about 20 minutes after out appointment time before we were finally seen.

At one point while we were waiting to see the vet, one of the consulting room’s door opened and two women came out (they looked like mother and daughter), carrying an empty cat carry-case, the younger one had tears streaming down her face and the older woman looked as though she was struggling to keep-it-together.A strange and eerie silence fell over the vet’s waiting room at this point (bar the noise of one dog panting!), as we all knew what had happened…These women had just had to do something all us pet owner’s dread…say goodbye to their family pet for the last time…Their house will be that little bit emptier from now on.

I like at least one other person in the vet’s at that time, felt myself welling up, after all, here’s was I sitting waiting to see the vet with our cat who hadn’t been well again…it could be me saying goodbye next!

Some of you who have never owned a pet, will probably think we’re daft getting all upset about our furry family friends, however those of you who have had a pet at some time will totally understand that they just become another member of our family.

Just let people, we must do our best to look after and love the animals of this world, just as we do the people. Therefore, when an animal dies, it should not be a surprise when we get upset, just as we do when a person dies.

God loves us all, people and animals, and so should we!

Do you have any pets? a Cat or a dog, or both…or something else?

Pets can bring a lot of love and affection into your life as they tend to love us unconditionally. Sadly though, there are many people around who treat animals very badly, starving them, hitting and maltreating them, leaving them tied up or in a filthy room. As I’ve already said, animals tend to love us unconditionally, but people on the other hand, are expect or want something in return, or aren’t animals a little bit lower maintenance than humans?! Personally I think that if people are unable to treat animals with love and affection, how can we expect them to treat humans any better.

Unfortunately there are those who do not treat animals or humans in a manner that would be acceptable to most of us, so what should we do? If you suspect someone of mistreating someone or an animal, don’t just ignore it, take action, you could save someone’s live!

Treating people and animals unfairly is unacceptable, and those who do so need help….they need our help.