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Music is art

Posted: January 21, 2017 in heart, life, music, Relationships, religion, words
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What does music mean to you?

It can change our mood, raise our spirits, remind you of special people or places, but what is it?


I believe music is art, and those who compose the music and lyrics are not only composers but artists, painting a picture through their music and lyrics.

Music speaks to my heart regularly, I hope you let it speak to yours too.

I’ve heard the following song, He Sought Me, several times in these last few weeks – our songsters sang it last week, and when I’ve been listening to my ipod on a few occasions, various recordings of this song have come on.

A powerful song, with powerful words. Words which I find so  very reassuring.

Having had this song on my mind a lot recently, I’ve found myself thinking about the message behind the words. This was when I realised that the message it actual very simple…normally when we lose something we spent hours, sometimes even days trying to find it again. When we “lose” or ignore God, he doesn’t sit about waiting for us to find Him again, He comes looking for us, and He doesn’t give up until he find us again and we give our lives back to Him…If only everything we lost could come looking for us again!

Don’t be lost to God, find Him and give your heart to Him.

The Saviour sought and found me,
Far from the narrow way;
He made my blinded eyes to see
On that wonderful, wonderful day!
He sought me, he sought me,
When I was wandering far away;
He found me, he found me,
O what a wonderful day!
He lifted sin’s great burden,
He saw my deep dismay,
And graciously he pardoned me
On that wonderful, wonderful day.
My sin was red like crimson,
He washed it all away;
He filled my heart with melody
On that wonderful, wonderful day.

I’m sure having read the title of this post you’ve already had a dark depressing image come into you mind. So just to be sure you image is what I want, here’s the full phrase

Dark and cheerless is the morn

Dark heavy black skies, rain, thunder, windy… all words that come to my mind on reading those words.

But I’m sure your image will change when I tell you the next part of the phrase

Dark and cheerless is the morn unaccompanied by Thee

Wow, the image is so much brighter now isn’t it? By adding one line to the words, the image is so much brighter. Similarly, our lives may be difficult and stressful, however by adding one thing, God, our life, although it may not be any less stressful or difficult, will be easier because God will walk beside us through everything life throws our way.

Without God in our life, our lives may well be “dark and cheerless”, so let God brighten your life by being the centre of your life.

Just sitting watching the TV the other night and became increasingly frustrated by just how frequent the breaks in the programmes were for adverts. I was frustrated! Why interrupt my programmes by showing me the same adverts over and over again?

Well research shows that TV advertising does work – We may not think we pay any attention to the adverts when they are on, but subconsciously they must make some impact.

Just to prove my point…how many times have you heard a tune/song on the radio and thought, “That’s the tune from the….advert“? Yes you may not have thought you were paying any attention to that advert but as I said, subconsciously you have been!

Don’t the same sort of rules apply when in comes to God? If we keep telling people about God, and don’t give up just because no-one seems to be listening to us, God can and will get His message through to those who currently don’t believe.

So let’s get out there, and do some advertising for God!

Happiness is really quite a strange thing isn’t it…different things make different people happy while we all express our happiness in different ways!

You ever noticed how some people always seem to be happy? I am confident that these people are not in fact happy all the time, as I’m sure that just like you and me, they have their problems and challenges in life, however they are just able to cope better or “put on a happy face” when in public.

Happiness is not the absence of problems it’s the ability to deal with them ~ Steve Maraboli

Just as this quote says, it’s all about how we deal with life’s challenges that determines our happiness level. I for one, try my best when in public to “be happy”, not because I always am, far from it, but because I find it so much easier to cope that way, as I find it difficult to talk about myself and my feelings with other, so would rather pretend everything was ok and try to put a smile on my face.

Life would be boring if we were all happy all the time, so life’s problems are God’s way of keeping us on our toes!

Can you imagine a world where everyone judged themselves and not each other?

I’ve spoken before about how at times, we are all guilty of judging others based on either what we see or the little bit of their life that we know about. So can you imagine what life would really be like if no-one judged anyone else? It would be wonderful wouldn’t it?

I know that what I’m about to say, may sound simply like words that I’m just saying, rather than reality. However what I’m about to say is in fact the absolute truth, so don’t judge me! I’ve found myself in the last while, more and more aware of all my failings, and more aware of the times when I judge others unfairly or unnecessarily. I have being praying a lot that God will help me not to judge others, and I feel the very fact that I am able to identify these occasions shows God is working in me…I now just need His help to stop myself from actually judging others in the first place!

Even though God knows every little things about us, He still doesn’t judge us. So we must try to do the same. i.e. love everyone, and do not judge them.

I pray today that we will all look inside ourselves and judge ourselves before we even consider judging someone else, as we all have plenty of things in our own lives which we can greatly improve.