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I’ve been asked by quite a few people over the last month or two, where I get my inspiration/ideas from for all my blog posts.

Well there’s no great secret to it, a lot of the time I blog about what I’m focusing on in my own personal devotions, so I just write about some of that. Other times I get ideas for blog topics from conversations I’ve been having or sometimes from tv programmes I’ve watched that just trigger some ideas. I also like to throw in a few blog posts about some of my interests such as football or tennis.

I’ve heard it said a few times that there’s nothing better than real life experiences to learn from, and I have to agree with that. So that is why I sometimes blog about my own personal life experiences…given how difficult life can be at times I think it’s important to share some real experiences with you all, in the hope that you can learn from my experiences, and from my mistakes!

So there you are, there’s an insight into my inspiration sources for my blog posts.

I pray that over the coming days and weeks that I can continue to post blogs which you find interesting, inspiring and hopefully a bit challenging to.

Happy reading!

I’ve been doing a bit of analysis on my blog hits over the last few months and have noticed that the number of daily hits on my blog has been fairly consistent, although it has increased in the last year.

Having said that there have been some days when there has been a huge surge in the number of hits my blog has had. So this got me wondering what was so special or different about those days? Well the answer became clear quite quickly after I checkout the first few days that there were a large number of hits…those days were days on which I did not blog about religion/christianity or my faith, they were days when I blogged about sport, life, films, family, health etc with no mention of God!

Isn’t it sad that people seem to be more interested in reading or learning of other people’s experiences/thought on anything but God.

So do my findings mean I’ll be changing my target audience for my blog? Most definitely not!

I may not have started blogging with the intention of blogging nearly every day about my faith, religion or christianity, however I have found I’ve that’s exactly what I do blog about nearly every day of the week! I believe God wanted and needed me to share my faith and my experiences with you all through my blog, however you have probably noticed that I do try, usually once a week (normally a Saturday), to blog on a completely different topic, and it’s these blog posts that seem to attract a large number of readers.

I hope that as I continue to blog, those who read my non-christian blog posts might be interested or curious enough about my other posts, to have a read of them too. I pray that everyone who reads any of my blog posts may be challenged in their relationship with God, and may be encouraged to find out more about God and what He can do for you.

This blog would be pointless without you the reader, so I’d like to say a big thank you to you for reading…I’d love if you came back and read some more of my blog posts.

 On this day two years ago I took my first tentative and nervous steps into the world of blogging.

Now two years on, a change of host (from Blogger to WordPress), almost 20,000 hits in total, and a facelift today, how do I now feel about blogging?

Well firstly I would like to just say that when I started blogging I had no intention of my blog which focusing primarily on Christianity or Religion! I had intended just talking about my experiences and my observations of life. Little did I know that God obviously had a different plan for my blog with the majority of my blog posts being about either my Christian journey/life or trying to encourage others in their faith. Mind you this shouldn’t really surprise me that God has directed my blogging topics as after all, it I was initially drawn/directed to create a blog by God.

So what topics do I cover in my blog?:

  • Christianity / Religion
  • Life
  • Health Issues
  • Music
  • Sport

And how would I describe my experience of blogging?:

  • Challenging – when I consider my I own Christian experiences/life
  • Rewarding – when those who read tell me they have been blessed/challenged
  • Encouraging – to know so many can relate to much of what I have to say
  • Educational – I’m learning at I write
  • Annoying – at times when people take what I say the wrong way
  • Blessed – most of all I feel blessed and honoured to be able to share my own and other’s Christian experiences

I’ve been asked by a few people how I find time to write so many blog posts and how I get my inspiration. Well firstly I write whenever I have an idea or thought – it may only be a few words/phrases I jot down to begin with but it’s usually enough to allow me to expand on the topic later. Sometimes I can go for days on end and not write any blog posts, other days I have one idea after another. Most of the time though, I simply blog about whatever is in my mind – that can be something as broad as a specific topic such as “friendship” to something more specific like an issue or circumstance that is concerning me.

All in all I’ve enjoyed my blogging experience to date, although I must say it would not have been worthwhile without the support and encouragement given to me by you  – the reader of my blog.

If you are reading my blog for the first time today, please take a few minutes to have a wander though my blog archive, as I’m sure you’ll find something of interest/challenge for you.

Thank you for reading TheDistinctDot and I hope you will continue to do so in the coming days.

God bless.


I try to blog every day, most days about my faith and about living life for God, however I like to let you all know a little bit more about me by sometimes writing about other things as I think it’s important you know a little bit more about the life and the person who is The Distinct Dot.

Writing a blog every day can sometimes feel like a chore, other times it’s my way to release some of my emotions, but most of the time I do it because I believe God wants and needs me to blog. I first started blogging because I believed this was what God wanted me to do. i.e. This was how God wanted to use me to spread His message, and to this day, I still believe that to be the case.

As I said earlier though, it can sometimes feel like a chore to blog every day, especially during times when I’m dealing with my own struggles of life, or I get no feedback about any of my blog posts for days/weeks, it can make me question whether it’s worthwhile actually blogging.

Today though, I received a comment about one of my blog posts, that reminded why I blog and made writing all these blog posts worthwhile. The blog post in question was Musical Emotions – Part 1, and the comment was from a guy called Dan Jones from Wrexham Salvation Army who having read this blog post, said he’d been challenged to strengthen his relationship with God. He asked that I pray for him, and I would ask you all to do the same after reading my blog post Musical Emotions – Part 1 again and then reading Dan’s comments – I’m sure Dan would appreciate your prayers.

Whether this is the first day you’ve read my blog or you’ve read many of my posts, I thank you for doing so, as without you blogging would not be worthwhile. Thank you.

In the last few days I’ve found myself wondering (again!), why I bother writing this blog.

I know people read my blog and I have been told on a few occasions it has helped someone come closer to God. However there have been certain individuals who seem to feel it is their job to tell me what to do and what I shouldn’t do, and despite me asking them to stop harassing me they have continued to do so. So much so, that I have now stopped using Blog Catalog to promote my blog as the “culprits” were contacting me via that website.

So where am I now? Well, after much soul-searching, encouragement/support for others plus a lot of praying, I have come to realise that all that’s gone on in the last few days is simply the Devil at work – After all why am I questioning myself when I know that not only is this what God wants me to be doing, it’s also just folk who are either less informed or scared of God who seem to take offence at what I’ve been saying. i.e. I believe it this is how God is using me try to reach others, to teach them a little of what God can do for them. Also just take a look back at yesterday’s blog post called Courageous, it’s almost like I was having that conversation with myself! God works in mysterious ways!

To my regular readers, thank you for you continued support, I really do appreciate it. To anyone reading this blog for the first time, I apologise for my rant…honestly, it’s not usually like this!

I may not always blog about God, but I hope and pray that through what I write on here, you may read something that makes you stop and think about your faith, or challenge your unbelief.

This song by Jeremy Camp sums things up for me…I Still Believe

Your Influence

Posted: April 13, 2010 in life
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Following on from yesterday’s blog post (Looking or Not), I’ve been think about “influence”, and in particular who we influence.

Firstly, what is the dictionary definition of influence:

  • an effect of one person or thing on another
  • the power of a person or thing to have such an effect
  • power or sway resulting from ability, wealth, position, etc.
  • a person or thing having influence

So who do we influence?

The most obvious people who we influence are those we see and talk to each day. E.g. Our family, friends, work colleagues. Although that does not mean they are the only people we have an opportunity to influence. We have the opportunity and ability to influence everyone we meet in person and those who read any documentation or blogs etc that we write.

Have you ever noticed how if you spend a lot of time with someone, we pick up sayings or phrases that that particular person uses a lot, and start using them in our own conversations! So influence doesn’t need to be something we intentionally pass on to someone. In contrast when with children, you find most will intentionally try to influence the child by trying to teach/educate them, or show them new things.

Have you been a positive or negative influence on others?

So we all have the opportunity and ability to influence many people in our lifetime, but are we a positive or negative influence on them? Have a think about those you come into contact with and how you act/react, write, talk with them. Take note of those you think you have influence and take special note of those you feel you have influence in a negative way – Can you do anything to change that? If so, make a commitment to do something about it.

Be a positive influence on everyone you meet today, and every day!


Posted: February 7, 2010 in life, religion
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As I’ve just moved my blog to my new website, it seemed applicable to title today’s blog post “Move”. Although I’ve referred to my blog moving home today, this is not the main purpose for the title of this blog post.

Have you wondered why sometime everything you end up doing seems to be contrary to what God wants you to do?

Well these are the times when I think we need to have a better look at our own personal situation, and reassess what we’re doing with our life and whether those places and people we find ourselves with are actually what is presventing us from doing what God wants us to do. i.e. Do we need to move from our current situations, or change our friends in order to allow us to move closer to God?

Take some timeout today to reeassess your life – move closer to God today!

Draw Me Close
Draw me close to you
Never let me go
I lay it all down again
To hear you say that I’m your friend
You are my desire
No one else will do
Cause nothing else can take your place
To feel the warmth of your embrace
Help me find the way
Bring me back to you

You’re all I want
You’re all I’ve ever needed
You’re all I want
Help me know you are near