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When you find you face problems in life, do you wonder, “Why me?”. But have you ever stopped and wondered, “Am I actually the root of my problems?”.

I’m sure even if you have thought that, you will have realised not everything can be your fault! Sometimes our problems can start when our heart is not right. i.e. If we say we’ve given our heart to God, but in reality we’ve just given him a part of ourselves.

The heart of the problem is a problem with the heart. ~ Dr Henry Brandt

When we give our heart, our all, to God, God will strengthen and support us always. So don’t let your heart be the problem, give it to God today.

What do you think prayer is? Well there’s a great description of what we should do when we pray in Philippians 4:6-7.

To pray is to let go and let God take over

Doesn’t that just sum up prayer in one short statement? God will take all our problems, all our worries, all our fears, and will help us work through them, we simply have to give them all to Him, just as it tells us to do in Give Him All The Pieces by Celebr8.


Are you looking for simple ways to encourage your heart and nourish your soul?

In the last while I’ve given you some ideas which will hopefully inspire you to implement them in your own life, and over the coming weeks I’ll share some others with you.

So here’s today’s suggestion:

Nourish your soul with music

Music has always been a huge part of my life, so it’s no surprise that no matter what kind of day I’m having, or what sort of mood I’m in, I can always find some music which lifts my mood or touches my emotions. There are specific songs which I turn to when I’m at my lowest, and while they don’t necessarily brighten my day, they certainly reassure me.

If you are interested in some of this music, I did a series of blog posts a few years ago called Musical Emotions so have a look for these – These blog posts may be a few years old now, and I may have a few new songs/pieces of music that I could add to my list of favourites, but they are all still favourites.

So why not make a playlist of songs/music that you know will brighten any of your days, then listen to it whenever you’re in need of a lift.

Here’s another chance to here one of my favourites, Somebody Prayed For Me performed by Celebr8:





Do you have a dark side to your life? A part of your life which you’re not proud of, which you “hide” from everyone else?

I’m sure many of us have things in our past which we are not proud of, which we have “hidden” from others. Some may hate us, some may have disowned us for what we’ve done in our past. We may be ashamed and sorry for what we’ve done. No matter how we’ve made others feel in the past, we can move on by acknowledging our wrongs and seeking forgiveness from God.

It may not be possible to seek forgiveness from the person we upset or hurt; the person concerned may not be willing to forgive is; however we can still find forgiveness by confessing our sin to God. He alone can offer us full forgiveness, so bring your past sins out of your past and ask God to forgive you, this way you can get rid of your dark side.

Give Him All the Pieces by Celebr8 reminds us we need to give our all to God:

All the pieces

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give him all the pieces

Will you give God your all today?

In Psalm 55:22 we are told to

Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved.

As this bible verse says, we have to give all our troubles and worries to God, only then will we find peace.


Would you know why I love Jesus, why He is so dear to me?

This is why I love my Jesus, this is why I love Him so:
He has pardoned my transgressions,
He has washed me white as snow.

Yes, I love Jesus.

Yes, He loves me.

Yes, He gave His life for me, so my sins could be forgiven.

Jesus loves you, and will forgive your sins…you just need to ask Him to forgive you!

Yesterday I had a fantastic day spending time with a very good friend – You can read all about it in my blog from yesterday Girly Day Out. However as I suspected would happen, it was the high before the low of today.

Let me explain, for the last while, I’ve become accustomed to having days when I feel so totally exhausted that it’s a huge struggle to find the energy to move, let alone get out of bed. That added to my usually accompanying pain makes it very difficult to do anything on days like these. While I get days like these fairly frequently for no apparent reason, there is one time I can be guaranteed to have a day like this…the day after I’ve being on my feet most of the day, or after having a very long day.

So today is one of those “day after” days which I knew would happen, but which was still worthwhile given my day yesterday. If only I could find the strength and energy to move and also rid myself of my pain it make today so much easier to cope with.

I’m really fed up with days like this – they bring me to my lowest regardless of how I was feeling prior to a day like this. I can only hope tomorrow is better.

I’d appreciate your prayers, as I’m struggling through today not knowing how I’ll get through tomorrow.

I love this song which always reminds me that you guys out there are praying for me…thank you.

Celebr8 sing Somebody Prayed For Me:

Through It All

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Life can be very tough at times. Sometimes it can feel like there is no point in going on, as the world can sometimes seem a very dark and lonely place when you’re going through a difficult time in your life.

But no matter what your circumstances, and how low you may be feeling, God will never leave you. There are many references in the bible to God supporting us through all our troubles, but I’ve chosen the following two verses from Psalms to share with you today:

Psalm 37:24 (New Living Translation)
Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand.

Psalm 66:9 (New Living Translation)
Our lives are in his hands, and he keeps our feet from stumbling.

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I play in Bellshill Salvation Army Band, and a couple of months ago, we recorded our 4th CD (which is due to be launch in September this year) which is called Diversity. At our recent engagements/concerts we’ve featured a number of the pieces that will be featured on the new CD, one of which is the flugel horn solo “Through It All” which was specially written for our flugel horn player Lynn Shanks, by Andrew Blyth. It features the melodies of the song “Through It All” and “Shenandoah”.

For me this song “Through It All” has special meaning as it reflects my experiences and struggles over the last few years when ill health has been a major factor in my life.

I include the words of this song for you to read – I’d encourage you to find a recording of this track as the music enhances the beautiful words of the song. recording I am aware of are as follows:-

N.B All above artists can be found at the SP&S Online Store.

Through It All
Though the future seems uncertain
Though the fear erodes my peace
Though the circumstance seems hopeless
And the doubting will not cease
I will claim what He has promised
For my heart must recognise
Mine is not to question
But keep focused on the prize.

Through it all I choose to serve the saviour
Through it all I claim Christ as my friend
Through it all my faith will never waver
Till He calls me home or comes again

This path now set before me
Is not my route of choice
Yet I must keep moving forward
Listening to His still small voice
This step along this journey
He reminds me I’m His own
And through the cold dark loneliness
I’m aware I’m not alone

Through it all I choose to serve the saviour
Through it all I claim Christ as my friend
Through it all my faith will never waver
Till He calls me home or comes again