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Have you ever asked, “How much heartache must I know?”

I guess at some point in our life, we’ve all asked that question. I guess many of us have even asked God that question, and wondered when He was going to say, “enough is enough”.

Sometimes we can cry so much that it’s hard to imagine you can still have any tears left to cry. Personally I find at those times, that I find myself crying just because…  i.e. I don’t know why I’m crying any more it’s simply that that’s what I want to do!

When you feel you’ve got no more to give and you’ve cried every tear you could possibly cry, do not despair because God is there. He can heal your wounds and mend your broken heart and make you whole again. Trust Him!

Yuko awezayo kusikia kilio chetu?

Words sung by children in Michael W Smith‘s song We Can’t Wait Any Longer, but do you know what they mean?

I’m guessing like me you don’t know what those words mean, but does that give us an excuse to ignore the people singing them?

What if I now tell you what the children were singing

Can somebody hear us crying out?

When we hear someone crying I’m sure most of us would immediately want to offer comfort and support to those crying. But as these words I’ve shared with you show, it can be difficult to know and understand when some are crying out for help.

Not speaking the same language as someone else shouldn’t make it ok to ignore them and ignore their needs. Being part of God’s kingdom, and loving God should be more than enough to encourage us to understand and reach out to everyone in need, regardless of their nationality, language, colour of their skin, or even their background.

Isn’t it our responsibility as Christians to make sure when someone cries out for help that they don’t have to wait any longer for help!

Tears of joy or tears of happiness, each happen for a reason, and each can touch the hearts of not just the person who is shedding the tears but those around them.

So what makes you cry?

A few years ago I would have told you that very little makes me cry, however over the last few years I’ve found that many things seems to start my tears flowing. Even in the last few weeks I’ve shed tears for a number of reasons, here’s just a few of them:

  • My Dad’s deteriorating health
  • Mum re how she’s coping with Dad
  • Death of my Uncle Michael
  • Murder of a 19 year old boy (who turned out to be the nephew of one of my managers at work)
  • Health concerns for my hubby
  • My own health concerns
  • Listening to specific pieces of music
  • Just being fed up with how life is going at present

So most of my reasons for crying recently have been because I’ve been upset about something, but why is it that sometimes we cry when good things happened too? (you can read more about some of these situations in my blog post from last Friday entitled A Black Friday).

Whether it’s something that’s upset us or something which makes us extremely happy, our emotions are stirred and that’s what causes us to cry. That’s why after crying, and releasing some of our built up emotions, we often feel better – though this is not always the case.

How do you feel when you see someone else crying?

Personally I often find myself getting emotional when I see someone else crying, even if I have no idea why they are upset. Is it just the empathy we feel for other’s pain that makes me do that? Probably.

Whatever makes you shed a tear for either your own or someone else’s situation or circumstances, take it to the God – He can ease your pain. God knows and understands how we feel and knows and can provide what we need to help us through the situation.