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We’re now a couple of days after Christmas but has the spirit and excitement of Christmas worn off yet?

Maybe you’ve had to go back to work today, so Christmas already seems an eternity ago. Maybe you’ve received great presents, eaten far too much, stayed up really late so are still catching up on sleep?

We should however be celebrating Jesus 364 days a year, so it really doesn’t matter if it’s two days, three days or three hundred days since Christmas Day, as because of Jesus, Christmas is actually part of every day of the year.

What does Christmas Day look like for you?

Well over the years, like many my Christmas Day has changed dramatically. When I was young Santa came to our house twice on Christmas Day – one in the morning when it was just Mum, Dad and me, and then later after dinner with all the family (including gran, aunts, uncles, cousins and great aunts), when we’d all exchange Christmas gifts. We’d then spend the evening playing games, watching a bit tv, and eating!

The next big change was when my cousins got a bit older and had their own families, so while the first part of the day remained the same, it was then just Mum, Dad, gran, my Aunt Mae and my great aunts for dinner. My cousins and their families would then come later in the evening, so Santa waited to make his second appearance of the day until they arrived.

When I got married Christmas became a day of eating even more, as we’d spend the first half of the day with my husband’s Mum and the second half of the day with a few of my family – Mum, Dad and Aunt Mae. Santa came three times then – in the morning for my husband and me, at my mother-in-laws and then again at my Mum and Dad’s!

Then we come to now…these days Christmas is just me and my husband, so we have a quiet Christmas by ourselves.

My Christmases may not be the busy days I used to have with lots of family around, but at least I have someone to share my Christmas Day with.

Sadly there many who will spend Christmas Day as they do every other day, alone. Sadly there are many who will spend the day thinking of past Christmases with loved ones who have passed away or who have moved away.

Can I ask that you take a few minutes out of your busy Christmas Day to either phone or pop and see someone you know who may be lonely this Christmas, or feeling sad because those they love are no longer with them. They will be finding Christmas Day extra difficult, so you could just make someone’s Christmas if you take the time to speak to or visit someone.

christmas alone

On Monday we celebrated the birth of Jesus. That was such great news over 2000 years ago when Jesus was born, but is it still good news today in 2017?

Most of us will have celebrated Christmas is some way over these last few weeks, whether it was spending Christmas Day with your family, going out to an office party, giving or receiving gifts, carolling or attending a church carol service, going for lunch with your work colleagues. But on Christmas Day, did you take some time to celebrate the good news that Christ is alive?

Good news, great joy for all
Melody breaks through the silence
Christ, the Saviour is born!

The Christmas lights burn brightly all around as we approach Christmas Day.

Lights on the Christmas trees, lights in the windows, lights in the garden lighting the way…but do they light the way to Bethlehem, and the stable where we find the baby Jesus, Saviour of the world?

All the lights, shining brightly
As the choir of, angels sing
Singing praise, now in the highest
At the birth of, Christ the King

Yes all the lights, are shining brightly
As the choir of, angels sing
Singing praise, now in the highest
At the birth of, Christ the King

Open my eyes; O heart believe
The wonder of, that Christmas night
Be born in me

Sing again, the sacred song of
How that star lit, up the sky
And how this world, lost in the darkness
Felt the hope of, Heaven’s light

Open my eyes; O heart believe
The wonder of, that Christmas night
Be born in me

These last few weeks I’ve found myself thinking a lot about those who wouldn’t be celebrating Christmas by exchanging presents and spending time celebrating and eating lots of foodpoverty

  • What about those who couldn’t afford to buy any presents for their children?
  • What about those who didn’t have any food to eat on Christmas Day?
  • What about those who spent Christmas Day alone?
  • What about those that had no roof over their head on Christmas Day?

What about them?

You may think it’s nothing to do with you that at the end of 2013 there are still those who don’t have enough food to eat, clean water to drink, or even a roof over their head, but I’m sorry, it is the responsibility of all God’s children to look after one another, and that includes you, me, the beggar on the street with no home, the orphan in a far away land who has to walk for miles every day just to get some dirty water to drink.

So, at the end of 2013, I challenge myself and each of you, to do something in 2014 to try to end poverty and hunger in this world of God’s. Go on make a difference in 2014 for God!

When I was very growing up, the whole family, including my gran, aunts, uncles and cousins, used to come to our house for dinner nearly every Christmas Day – There were a couple of years when we all went out to a local hotel or restaurant for dinner, but that was the exception rather than the rule.

christmas-family-dinner_tableOver the years the numbers gathering at Mum and Dad’s have dwindled significantly, as my cousins grew up and had their own families, and older members of the family passed away. For a number of years there was still four then five of us for Christmas dinner, as there was always Mum, Dad, Aunt Mae and me and then after I got married, Sandy joined us too. Although when Sandy’s Mum was still alive we usually had Christmas lunch with her and then joined with my Mum, Dad and Aunt Mae early evening. After Sandy’s Mum died, we, along with my Aunt Mae, we went to Mum and Dad’s for Christmas dinner.

Probably 3 or 4 years ago was when we first when back down to it being just 4 of us for dinner, as my Aunt Mae refused to come out her house to join us for Christmas dinner. As she’s now living in a local care home she’s obviously not able to have the option to join us.

Earlier this year, my Dad moved into a local nursing home as Mum was no longer able to care for him at home any more. That of course means we’ve been another person down this Christmas…so this year there was only three of us!

I know Mum has found this year particularly difficult as it’s the first year in over 55 years of marriage that Dad’s not been at home for Christmas. It’s sad how life moves on and people who are a huge part of our lives are no longer part of it. However it wouldn’t be life if the people we know and the circumstances we find ourselves in remained unchanged for long.

So however many of you there was for Christmas Day this year, I pray that while there may have been empty spaces at your table where once loved ones sat, you are happy in the knowledge that they are in heaven with God now, whole and pain-free.

Never forget those who are no longer alive, but have had an impact on your life, whether it was just for a brief moment or for many years, because they will still be watching over you, and will know they are on your mind.

Now that Christmas is past and many folk are back at work, I’d like you to review your Christmas.

For each of the following rate it between 0 and 5, 0 being the lowest score and 5 being the best score:

  • How much did you enjoy Christmas Day?
  • Did you like your Christmas presents?
  • Did you get the presents you wanted?
  • Was your Christmas centered around celebrating Christ‘s birth?
  • Were you able to spend Christmas with the people you love?
  • Was this the best Christmas you’ve ever had?
  • How many things about your Christmas Day would you have changed?

I don’t want to know how you scored each of these questions, I simply wanted to get you thinking about how you spent your Christmas: your thoughts and feelings, the people you were with, and your focus for the day.

For me some of my questions scored the highest points while others the lowest. So for me some things about my Christmas, such as the presents I received, were excellent, while some of the other things, such as the health and availability of some of my immediate family meant this Christmas wasn’t quite what we may have hoped for.

Having said that, I am thankful for the family I have, and the love and support we share with one another throughout the year.

I can also say with assurance that for me, Christ was most definitely part of my Christmas celebrations.

I hope you had a great Christmas with those you love and that you found time to celebrate the reason for the season…the birth of Jesus.


…which in the UK is known as Boxing Day.

Why is today called Boxing Day? And what has that got to do with Christmas?

Boxing Day – When

Boxing Day is a public holiday that is celebrated the day after Christmas. It was originally the first working day after Christmas Day, but is now always celebrated on December 26th, regardless of which day of the week it falls.

The 26th of December is also called St. Stephen’s Day.

Boxing Day – Origin

There are several thoughts on this…

  1. In the 17th century Christmas boxes were earthenware boxes used by the poor (servants, apprentices etc.) to save money throughout the year. Then at Christmastime, the boxes were opened and the savings shared to fund the Christmas festivities.
  2. The tradition though that has stayed with su until the current time, but dates back almost as far as the first suggested origin, is where Christmas boxes are given as gifts, usually money, to tradespeople or others who have rendered some service throughout the year but who aren’t normally paid directly by the giver. e.g. paperboys, milkmen, office cleaners.


So Boxing Day is all about Christmas Boxes, this actually confuses me more, as I’m still confused why it’s actually the day after Christmas the Christmas boxes seem to relate.

Whether you’ve been giving Christmas boxes today, or simply relaxing after a busy Christmas Day, I hope you’ve had a relaxing and enjoyable Boxing Day!

It’s nearly Christmas Day!

It’s now after 7pm so all the shops will be closed, so I hope you’ve bought everything you need, both for presents are also food! But are you really ready for Christmas? Are you ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus?

Christ was born this Christmas night!



Let’s make sure this Christmas that we make sure we keep Christ in CHRISTmas, by celebrating the love God has shown to each one of us.

I pray you may expereience God’s love for you and your family this Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Two weeks today will be Christmas Day, so on that day, what will you be celebrating?

The giving and receiving of presents? A family feast? The birth of Jesus Christ?

First and foremost Christmas is about the birth of Jesus all those years ago, so while I will hopefully be giving and receiving some presents and eating too much food, I will definitely be thanking God for sending His son Jesus to earth.

As a Christian, I’ve been really annoyed and frustrated and the “campaign by some to stop us from calling Christmas, Christmas but instead just all it a holiday. Yes most of us do get a few days holiday at Christmas time, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a celebration of Christ‘s birth too!

I believe that we should all be free to celebrate the religious festivals applicable to our religion, and in doing so should not be dictated to what we actually call them. Therefore let us keep Christ in Christmas. After all without Christ there would never have been a Christmas!

Jesus truly is the reason for the season…”Christ”mas!