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You see your neighbours out in their garden, or in the street. You see your work colleagues in the office. You see your friends in your house or theirs. But do you really know any of them?

We can all be very judgemental of others at times simply because of what we see when we look at them. However what we see of people in public is often just a small part of them, so remember what you see of someone is probably not the “real” person.

Sometimes the strongest people are the ones who love beyond all faults, cry behind closed doors and fight battles that nobody knows about. ~ Nicky Gumbel

Struggles in life can be hard at the time, but they definitely make us stronger people, and make us the people we are today. Don’t judge someone by what you see, as they may be fighting a battle behind closed doors that you know nothing about.


I recently read this article on the bbc news site and found it a hard read – It was quite upsetting and it really challenged me to consider how I treat homeless people.

Yes, I’ve stopped and given a few coins to some homeless people sometimes; Yes, I’ve also bought a sandwich and a drink for a few as well; But have I ever really taken time to speak to them? My honest answer is, no I haven’t – Just like two-thirds of other Scots, I haven’t taken the time to stop and engage in conversation with a homeless person.

I was recently in Glasgow city centre during the day for the first time in a while, and must admit to being quite shocked and saddened by the number of people sitting/lying out in the streets homeless, on what was a chilly morning.

Who am I to judge these people, as just like me they are human beings! The difference been them and me is they have lost everything, including all hope. What can be worse than losing all hope and having no-one to talk to?

Why do we feel afraid to speak to homeless people? What reasons do we have to feel afraid of them? Personally I think it’s probably just another sad indictment of how society is these days – The fact that the article on the bbc website states that younger people are less likely to stop and help homeless people does seem to confirm this.

What has our world become, that we aren’t willing to try to help those at their lowest?

Let’s take time to help anyone who needs help, regardless of whether they are our friend, a neighbour, a colleague, someone we meet in the street or a homeless person.

Out of sight, out of mind.

For some things this is definitely true, but when it comes to those we love, they are definitely not out of our mind when they are not around.

Whether we have loved ones who are working far from home or moved to another country, they are in our mind, even if we don’t speak to them as often as we used to do.

For those loved ones who have passed away, they too are definitely not far from our mind even although they are no longer here. If anything they are on our mind more, because we miss them, and wish we could have more time with them.

Do we feel the same when it comes to our friends, neighbours, colleagues and fellow christians? In other words, if we don’t see any of these people one day, do we just ignore that and carry  on, not bothering to check they are ok, or do we keep them in our mind, check up on them, and pray for them?

Don’t let anyone you know fall out of your thoughts just because you don’t see them as regularly as you used to.

Yesterday I asked Do You Really Know Me?, and then highlighted that we can often know people for many years, but in reality not really know anything about them.

When we look at someone, we all (often subconsciously) judge them or put a label on them. Based on how little we often know about people we’ve known and spoken to for years, isn’t it quite ridiculous that just from seeing someone for a few minutes we think we can put a label on them.

Maybe the labels we put on people are positive ones, e.g. happy, friendly, welcoming etc. But often I think we tend to look for the negative in people. e.g. By labelling them unhappy, depressed, distant, unloving etc.

Just last week I was the subject of just such an incident – Last week I was on a training course with a number of my colleagues, and at various points we broke into small groups to discuss or work through some examples. Well on one occasion (having been in the same group for the previous discussion) we were put into groups again to discuss another area, and I was informed that “you have to lead this discussion because you didn’t look very happy during the last one”.

I would have happily led the discussion if it hadn’t been for the reason I was being told I had to lead the discussions! Had anyone bothered to ask me why I hadn’t seemed very happy during the previous discussions? Had I told anyone that I was unhappy at the way the previous discussions were led?

The answer to both these questions was definitely No! If anyone had bothered to ask me why I didn’t seem very happy, I would have told them why – I wasn’t feeling too good and was in a lot of pain.

Why am I telling you all this? Well I just want to highlight how easy it can be to make wrong assumptions about people. Assumptions which can then lead to things being said or done which hurt or upset others.

God doesn’t judge us on what He sees on the outside, it’s the inside that’s important. So I’d urge each of us to try not to judge others on how they look, talk to folk and find out about the real person inside…don’t jusge others from the outside, we’d hate it if they judged us simply by what they see!

How’s your week been? I hope your week’s been better than mine!

Personally I’m really glad this week is finally over, as it’s been a very very long and very tiring week. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know I have been find things quite tough physically and emotionally for a while.

So this last week at work I’ve been on a training course with a number of my colleagues. The week comprised of two combined courses – the first 3 days long with a one hour “closed-book” exam at the end of the third day, and the second part of the course on the remaining two days with a two and a half hour “open-book” exam yesterday afternoon (which we were only allowed to sit if we passed Wednesday afternoon’s exam).

As I’m sure you can tell just from this, it was a fairly intensive course with a lot of theory. The fact that there were two exams during the week, just put added pressure on us.

It gets worse though…when I was originally asked if I wanted to go on the course I was given the outline of the course subject which easily sold the course to me as one I wanted to attend. Then a week before the course our training packs arrived – I opened mine, had a brief read of the covering letter which indicated there was a bit of pre-course reading to do, but due to all the things going on outside of work did no more with this until last weekend…that was when I discovered that there was estimated to be about 16 hours of pre-course reading to do before Monday! Needless to say there was no way I managed to do all this reading, I managed only about half (but I wasn’t the only one).

On Monday morning the course started, and as the day progressed it became apparent that we were going to be given homework to do every night of the course…I started to panic at this point as I know all the things I have to deal with outside of work each day and how exhausted I usually am when I get in from work…this week was going to be a struggle.

My predictions were accurate, it was a struggle this week as we ended up with about 3 hours of homework every night, so not only was I physically exhausted every day, but my brain hurt! By Tuesday afternoon I felt as though I was not absorbing any information as my brain had had enough by then. So as you can possibly imagine, I got myself into a bit of a state this week about how I felt I was doing on the course and the pressure to pass the exams.

Hubby was good though as he was the sensible person (just for a change, but don’t tell him I said that!), reminding me that even if I did fail the exams what difference would it make as I couldn’t be sacked just for failing an exam. Yes he was being the voice of reason, but to be honest it didn’t really stop me from getting very stressed about the course and the exams.

When Wednesday afternoon’s exam arrived I was very nervous, and was simply looking to pass the exam and didn’t really care what score I got. Much to my delight I passed the exam with a better score than I thought I would get…and everyone else passed too!

That made me feel a little more confident on Thursday however by the end of Thursday that optimism was gone, as during Thursday we did some past exam questions and I didn’t do well enough to pass some of the questions so would have struggled over all to gain enough marks to pass the final exam.

When Friday arrived I was stressed and just to make my day even more difficult I was in a lot of pain (my usual pain) and despite taking my painkillers since Thursday evening, they hadn’t made any impression on my pain…it was going to be a long and difficult last day on the course…my one consolation during the week has been that I’ve not been the only one who has felt as though they are struggling, although I’m not sure anyone else had been quite as stressed out about it as me, but I may be wrong.

So yesterday afternoon at 1pm, we sat down to sit our final exam. Two and a half hours late I finished answering the final question on the paper, and then about 30 seconds later time was called on the exam. It had been hard work trying to get through all the questions in the allocated time (again I wasn’t the only one who struggled time wise). The first few questions in the paper were ok however the further through the paper I got, the more difficult I found it, but maybe that was more down to the time pressure than the actual questions, I’m not sure.

At the end of the exam, not only did we have to hand in our answer paper, we also had to hand in the question papers too. In some ways this is good as it’s meant I’ve not been able to re-read some of the questions and then fret over potential wrong answers, as I now can’t remember any of the questions!

It will apparently be about two weeks before we get our exam results, so the worrying starts now!

I wonder how long I’ll have my results letter before I open it!