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How many times have you heard that, “I’m not complaining, but…”? Isn’t it funny how, despite saying, ‘” I’m not complaining”, as soon as they say “but”, you can be a 100% certain they are about to complain about something!

I’ve recently been very aware of just how often some people say this, and I must be honest and ask…do they honestly think by saying, “I’m not complaining”, it means it somehow softens the complaint they are just about to make? Well I’m going to end that misconception now by telling you that, if you start a sentence with “I’m not complaining, but…”, all you’re doing is warning your listener that you are going to do just that, complain!

So be honest with your listener, don’t try to pretend you’re not about to complain about something when you are!


I’ve been reminded in the last week how petty people can be at times, complaining about things such as

  • where we’ve been asked to sit
  • how much space we have

Yes, it’s good to be comfortable and be happy in the company of those around us, but surely there are far more important things in life to focus our energies on. What can make petty disagreements even worse is when they involve Christians, as they really should know better!

I’m sure many of us can think of examples, such as those I’ve mentioned above which have caused disagreements and in some instances caused things to be said or done which have hurt or upset other Christians. The devil is definitely at work in these situations, because if we’re arguing or disagreeing with one another we’re not fighting evil!

Let’s remember that we should be working together for God, and that means supporting and encouraging one another, even during times when maybe we don’t always agree. As Christians we can disagree with each other, but it’s how we air those disagreements that determines whether the devil is stirring things up or whether we’re dealing with things in a way that God would expect and want Christians to do so.

So don’t let the devil dictate how we deal with situations we are not happy with, let God guide you and give you the words to deal with things in His way.Ephesians 4 26-27

I’m not complaining but…

It’s not a criticism but…

I hear what you’re saying, but…

I’m sure we’ve all heard those phrases, so I’d like you to have a think about how you feel when someone starts a sentence directed abut-with-blue-reflecting-glowt you, with any of the above phrases.

I must admit that I tend to think, why can’t folk just be honest and say what they think rather than trying to soften the blow with “I’m not complaining, but”, when clearly they are complaining; or “It’s not a criticism but”, when clearly the criticism is just about to be said; or “I hear what you’re saying but” when we all know they are about to completely disagree with what you’ve just said!

Sentences like the ones above, really give confusing messages to the person they are directed at, as either you are complaining or you’re not, criticising or giving praise, disagreeing or agreeing with someone, so please don’t give mixed messages, be clear and concise it’ll save confusion and possible hurt.

memoriesWe hear so much these days or break ins and burglaries these days and how those affected by these crimes never see their items again. Yes, the items stolen during a burglary may be lost forever, but there are some things which can never be stolen from us which is very nicely summed up in the following quote that was taken from an Irish headstone:

Death leaves a heartache, no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Keep hold of your memories of loved ones who have departed, because no-one can ever take them away from you.