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Time passes by us so quickly that when we get the time to stop and think, it’s a shock to us when we realise how much time has passed.

Have you ever promised to keep in touch with folk you met on holiday? Did you? If you didn’t you’re not alone, it’s very common for people to find friends on holiday, but when they get home, they quickly forget about them, either intentionally or unintentionally – many times it’s simply because we realise all we actually had in common with them was the choice of holiday destination!

It can also be a shock to us when our parents who have always been there for us, full of life and no health issues, to find they are not as fit and healthy as they used to be and that they are in fact facing old age. It can be difficult to cope with when ill-health hits them and we have to cope with all the stress and worry that brings with it.

Since last year my Dad’s health has deteriorated significantly and has put added stress and worry on my Mum particularly. My Dad is definitely not too well, but so far no diagnosis has been given. One of the hardest parts of it all, for both my Mum and I, is that Dad’s memory has become very bad and he’s been doing some very strange things too – All of which can be stressful and distressing for all of us.

I have wandered slightly from what I was intending to say, sorry – I was simply going to stress how important it is that we don’t let time pass without taking time to be with those we love and who love us. In other words, take time collecting your memories, as those we love will not be with us here on earth for ever.

Sorry to be so morbid tonight, but due to the situation with my Dad I’ve found myself thinking more and more about our own mortality.

Catch your memories each day, they will be priceless to you in the future!

Enjoy the music Memory played by Bellshill Band of the Salvation Army:

Dependance On God

Sometimes, life’s filled with disappointments,
shattered dreams which have created great pain;

There are times we have to lose it all,
But those are the times when we can gain!

When we have learned to be content
and let God have control;
Then we’ll have gained that which will bring,
peace and contentment to heart and soul!

We tend to want to hold on to that
which we have always known;
It may be that we fear the thought
of having to face the future alone!

But our God will never forsake us
He’s faithful and He’s just;
He’ll see us through the darkest night,
if in Him we will place our trust!

He is One Whom we can depend on
and He’ll never leave our side;
In Him we’ll find the strength we need
when at times we are sorely tempted and tried!

When we’ve reached a place
where we can’t seem to cope,
We want to give up, for we’ve lost all hope;
If we’ll call on His name, He will hear our plea
And will cause all the darkness of despair to flee!

by Pastor Janette Stewart

Faith is something we can always rely on. When life is tough and we’re struggling to face each new day, just ask God and He’ll give you just what you need to get you through.

Yesterday I had a fantastic day spending time with a very good friend – You can read all about it in my blog from yesterday Girly Day Out. However as I suspected would happen, it was the high before the low of today.

Let me explain, for the last while, I’ve become accustomed to having days when I feel so totally exhausted that it’s a huge struggle to find the energy to move, let alone get out of bed. That added to my usually accompanying pain makes it very difficult to do anything on days like these. While I get days like these fairly frequently for no apparent reason, there is one time I can be guaranteed to have a day like this…the day after I’ve being on my feet most of the day, or after having a very long day.

So today is one of those “day after” days which I knew would happen, but which was still worthwhile given my day yesterday. If only I could find the strength and energy to move and also rid myself of my pain it make today so much easier to cope with.

I’m really fed up with days like this – they bring me to my lowest regardless of how I was feeling prior to a day like this. I can only hope tomorrow is better.

I’d appreciate your prayers, as I’m struggling through today not knowing how I’ll get through tomorrow.

I love this song which always reminds me that you guys out there are praying for me…thank you.

Celebr8 sing Somebody Prayed For Me: