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christmas_timeWhat was your first Christmas like?

I know that probably sounds like a very odd question for me to ask, as how can I possibly expect you to remember your first Christmas as you were less than 1 year old at the time! Well let me rephrase my questions, so it makes more sense…

After you gave your heart to God, what was your first Christmas like?

Does that make more sense? I hope so, as only when we truly believe in God, Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas, can we really understand and enjoy Christmas in the way God intended us to do.

So this Christmas, is Christ truly at the centre of your Christmas?

Here’s David Beggan & Union State with Caden’s Song (My First Christmas):

Do you remember your first Christmas as a believer of Christ?

If I’m honest, I don’t really remember my first Christmas as a believer, probably because for as long as I can remember I’ve known about God and about Christmas being a celebration of Christ’s birth.

Sadly this Christmas, will be one where many will still not know or acknowledge the true meaning of Christmas.

Sadly, there will be many who will be mourning the death of a loved one this Christmas. Whether they believe in Christ or not, this will still be a difficult time for them.

I ask that you pray for those who do not yet know Christ, that they find Him this Christmas, and for those who mourn this Christmas, that they will be reminded that Christ is with them and can help them through these most difficult of days.caden beggan

Many of you will have followed the story of Caden Beggan from North Lanarkshire, who recently lost his battle against meningococcal septicemia. His dad, David Beggan along with Union State have recorded a Christmas song to raise funds for Yorkhill Sick Kids Hospital in Glasgow.

So in honour of those who have lost a loved one this year, and especially for Caden, here’s Caden’s Song (My First Christmas):

Caden’s Song (My First Christmas)