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cross_4youWhen you take out a loan from a bank or building society, or indeed any other financial organisation, we agree a repayment plan with them to pay back the money they have lent us. Those repayment plans can be short-term repayments or ones which last a lot of years, and can also incur an interest charge as well which may be a small percentage of the total we have loaned, or in some cases may amount to a huge percentage of the original loan.

Our debt to God for sending His son into the world to die on a cross for us, is no different from a monetary loan, as God expects us to repay Him too!

The question is, how do we repay God for giving us Jesus?

We let Him into our lives and give Him our all. God will then help and guide us in all we do, so that we can fulfil His plan for our life and in turn repay our debt to Him in full.

Are you repaying your debt to God?

DebtYesterday, I spoke about how we live in a world where debt is prevalent in our communities (A World In Debt). But today I want you to think about any debt you personally might have…

Any other debts you can think of?

There’s one other debt I can think of, and it’s not a monetary one, my debt to Christ for giving his life for me at Calvary, just so I personally could be forgiven of all my sins.

Have you acknowledged you debt to Christ for dying on a cross for you?

Why not repay your debt to Christ today, by giving your life, your all to Him.

It’s All Because of Jesus I’m alive


Jesus came to pay a debt He didn’t owe
He came to pay our debt we couldn’t pay

As I said in yesterday’s blog post (Times of Debt), I spoke about how many people are currently suffering financial problems. But how about the debt every one of us owes…

As the above well-known words say, Jesus came to earth and died as payment for our debts, our sins. That’s the ultimate debt to pay for anyone, therefore surely that shows just how much God loves us, because he willingly allowed his one and only son to die just so our debt could be paid forever!


We are living in a time where so many are finding it difficult to make ends meet financially. While financial difficult put extra pressure on every member of the family involved, we must be sure to remember that the love of our family and friends is a much stronger bond than any money could ever buy.

It’s often said that money can buy you most things, but it can’t buy you love. So don’t let money worries destroy friendships and bonds that have been built on love, because love is greater than anything money could every buy.



Yesterday in the first part of my Poverty In The UK series of blog posts, I gave you the shocking news that there are millions of people living in the UK, as supposedly large economy, who are living in poverty.

Today I want to have a look at some of the factors that cause poverty…


The recession in the UK has led to huge increase in unemployment levels in the UK, and as the recession continues to grow deeper, unemployment levels are set to rise further.

Those with fewer skills are at higher risk of being unemployed. Those from some minority ethnic groups are also at higher risk of unemployment. The area in which you live is also a huge factor in determining your chances of unemployment, as if you live in an area of high unemployment, you’re even more likely to be unemployed.

Low Wages

Just because you have a job, doesn’t guarantee yu will be poverty free. Low wages, part-time work and not having two working adults in work all increase the risk of poverty.

Inadequate Benefits

There are benefits and tax credits available which are supposed help those in need. However, in my opinion, they are too low to help those who are most in need of help.


There are thousands, if not millions of people around the country who are in debt. Some are managing their debts, while others have let their debts get out of control and so are now struggle to make repayments, and so are sinking deeper and deeper into a downward spiral of debt.

These are just a few factors which can contribute to families being in poverty.

Shocking isn’t it that these factors can have such a catastrophic impact on so many lives in the UK.