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If someone is strong enough to bring you down, show them you are strong enough to get up. — Unknown

Sometimes when someone hurts you and brings you down in front of others, it can be crushing. You just want to give up or hide away. But isn’t that just letting these people win?

It’s time to take control. Don’t let other people’s opinions and thoughts about you discourage you…that’s the devil working through them. Be strong, keep going, as God is directing you in the way He wants you to go, and will get you through whatever anyone else will say or do to you.

Be strong!


Posted: September 13, 2017 in belief, depression, life, love, music, religion
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We all have times of unbelief, but it’s what we do during those times that determine our future.

During times of unbelief it’s important to recognise that it’s the devil trying to convince you that God doesn’t exist and doesn’t care about you. God will always love you, even in your moments of greatest doubt, we just need to keep on believing.

Believing is the best thing we can do to help our unbelief!

Whether you play or watch sports, I’m sure you’ve heard players or teams talking about finding and targeting their opponent’s weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Yes players and team target their opponents vulnerabilities in an attempt to gain an advantage over them, so they can beat them.

Just as our sporting opponents target our weaknesses, so the devil targets our vulnerabilities. He sees when we are weak and places doubts and obstacles in our way so that we question God’s plans for us.

The devil is good at targeting our weaknesses, but we must always remember God is even better at helping us to learn from our weaknesses and in doing so become stronger in our faith.



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We often hear on the news of concerns being raised for ‘a vulnerable person’ who is missing. When they talk about someone being vulnerable in these circumstances, they mean the person is in danger of being harmed either by themselves or by someone else.

So when we talk about someone being vulnerable we think of it as being a situation or feeling we don’t want to experience. However this isn’t the only way we can be vulnerable…we can be vulnerable in our faith. When we wonder where God is or doubt He cares we let ourselves become vulnerable to the messages the devil tries to give us, making us doubt God.

So be strong, be positive, don’t let the devil convince you that God doesn’t care.

Sometime through all the busyness of our hectic lives, we simply need to rest…



For our good

Posted: April 23, 2015 in bible, faith, life, music, quotes, religion
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Sometimes it can seem like everything and everyone is out to get you, that’s the devil doing his worst work, trying to upset us, and detract us from what God has planned for us:

No matter what the devil throws against you, God can take it and work it out for your good. ~ Genesis 50:20 (NLT)

So no matter what comes your way, remember that God can use it to teach you and direct you. So don’t get distracted by the things the devil throws your way, stay focused on God and He will look after you.



Battle for God

Posted: November 3, 2014 in blogging, life, love, quotes, Relationships, religion
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Battle to achieve the right plan


In the last few days I’ve talked a lot about God’s plans for us. Today I want to remind you though that He’s not the only one who would like you one their side – The devil is trying to get your attention, so beware!

Embrace God and let Him embrace you.

I’ve been reminded in the last week how petty people can be at times, complaining about things such as

  • where we’ve been asked to sit
  • how much space we have

Yes, it’s good to be comfortable and be happy in the company of those around us, but surely there are far more important things in life to focus our energies on. What can make petty disagreements even worse is when they involve Christians, as they really should know better!

I’m sure many of us can think of examples, such as those I’ve mentioned above which have caused disagreements and in some instances caused things to be said or done which have hurt or upset other Christians. The devil is definitely at work in these situations, because if we’re arguing or disagreeing with one another we’re not fighting evil!

Let’s remember that we should be working together for God, and that means supporting and encouraging one another, even during times when maybe we don’t always agree. As Christians we can disagree with each other, but it’s how we air those disagreements that determines whether the devil is stirring things up or whether we’re dealing with things in a way that God would expect and want Christians to do so.

So don’t let the devil dictate how we deal with situations we are not happy with, let God guide you and give you the words to deal with things in His way.Ephesians 4 26-27

There are lots of people in this world who look at everything negatively, and only see the worst in every situation and every person. But whatever you do, don’t let these folk make you mean or hard-hearted.

Stay focused on what you believe, stay positive, and above all,  stay focused on God and you will not been drawn into the negativity that surrounds some other people. If you trust fully in God, He will keep you true to Him and to yourself, by helping you to be positive no matter what life may throw your way, and helping you to try to do good even when those around you may try their best to bring you down by acting and talking negatively.

So don’t be hard-hearted, keep God at the centre of all you do because He alone can help you do His will.


Posted: May 14, 2010 in religion
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I love this poem, probably because it seems to be talking about me! Can you relate to it too?

Just remember that no matter what, God does have a plan for you and He will keep you safe.


Patience is a virtue
which I have little of,
but when I feel it slipping
I just call on God.
I’m trying hard to master it,
I really need it now.

The devil’s got me cornered.
My life is full of thunder clouds.
He’s throwing every thing at me
trying to pull me down.
He’s not sure my faith is strong
enough for God to bring me out.
I’ve got news for him,
I never will give up.
My faith is stronger than he thinks
and God is with me now.

God knows I’m not perfect
but He also knows my heart.
He knows I’m really trying
and we will never part.
He’s promised to be with me
and He’ll never let me down.

I haven’t earned His help,
it’s only through His grace.
He has a plan for me
which the devil can not change.
He’ll see me through to victory,
and take me home some day.
He’ll do the same for you,
just believe and trust Him too.

by Reatha Crow