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Posted: June 16, 2015 in heart, life, quotes, Relationships
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When you say the title of this blog post, what did you think?

Someone performing some courageous task? Someone taking on a challenge? Someone being bold enough to try a new task?


Have you ever considered that maybe if we were all a bit braver, i.e. we dared to do something out with our comfort zone, maybe we could change circumstances, people, hearts? So maybe rather than complaining how difficult things are we need to be brave and dare to make the difference.

I read the following quote recently on Twitter, and it challenged me:

We see not what we are looking at but what we are looking for – Unknown

It also reminded me of the following saying:

Sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees

Yes, I found that both these quotes/sayings reminded me that sometimes we only see or hear what we want to, and not what is actual there/audible. We can often be most guilty of this when it comes to listening to God‘s directions or instructions for us, by pretending we don’t hear Him or convincing ourselves that it’s not really God’s voice we hear.

We must stay focused on reality and more importantly, focused on God, so that we see and hear His instructions for us. Don’t ignore what God wants you to do, as after all He knows best for you and has been looking for you to make a difference in His world.

It can often be the little things that we do for others that can mean the biggest to someone else.

  • A phone call/email/text to ask how someone is feeling or to say you missed them today
  • An arm round someone’s shoulder to offer reassurance
  • A word of welcome to visitors
  • Offer of support to someone in time of difficulty
  • A phone call/email/text to say you missed them today

I’m sure you can think of many other “little things” we can do to offer support and encouragement to others.

Do you think when we do these “small things” can make a big difference to recipient? I do!

I have been both a giver and a recipient of some of the “small things” I’ve mentioned above. When I was the recipient I cannot find the words required to tell you just how much the supposedly small thing meant to me, as they often raised my spirits at a time when I felt everything was going wrong in my life. When I’ve been the giver, I also have been aware of just how much those small acts can mean, as I have seen the appreciation and sometimes also relief in the recipients eyes and/or voice, and that is a great feeling for the giver as well as the recipient!

Go on, make someone’s day today, even if it’s just a little thing it may well mean the world to the recipient.

Did you read my blog post The Bible -The Whole? – This was my blog post which cause all the discussions and debate with our friend Korky!

Given a lot of the comments Korky made during the lengthy debate with myself and a number of friends, I started to question myself:

  • why am I putting myself through this, this is MY blog and I’m doing it because I want to?
  • why is someone I don’t know questioning my beliefs?
  • is my faith and my beliefs not showing through in what I write?
  • am I sure of my reasons for blogging?
  • am I blogging “for the right reason”?
  • is blogging still what God wants me to do?

Lots of questions, which, for the majority of my questions were quickly and easily answered. However my doubts were soon answered as no soon had I started questioning myself when I started being inundated with messages of support and encouragement to keep blogging, from both friends and people I don’t even know! – Wow! Once again God showed me what He wants me to do through those around me – Why did I ever doubt Him!

God is always honest with us, He tells us when we’re doing a great job, and He also tells us when we’re doing things He doesn’t approve of. In other words I have a real relationship with God, in fact a better relationship with God than I have with anyone else.

So why was I questioning my beliefs when I know that…

When I’m alone – God is there.
When I’m confused – He gives me direction.
When I’m hurting – He holds me.
When no one understands – He listens

…my answer is, I don’t know. Nothing I know or believe should have made me question my beliefs as they are grounded deep inside me.

So why am I telling you all this? Well having questioned myself, I wondered, what about you the reader, do you believe what I write? I hope so, because it is all true, I am a Christian. I love God. He is my friend and Saviour. I believe and know God is all I need in any situation, as when I’ve been at my lowest, He has held my hand and pulled me through, strengthening my relationship with him in the process.

I believe God has made a massive difference in my life. He can make a massive difference in your life too, so talk to Him today!

I’ve included the song He Is Here by Brian Doerksen. It’s one of my favourites even though it’s a very simply song, but the words are so powerful, reminding us that God is with us in all we do just waiting for us to give our all to Him: