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AdvertisingAre you an advertising agent? No?

Well are you a Christian? Yes?

Then you should be an advertising agent…here’s why:

What advertising agencies do for their clients, we are called to do for Christ

Advertising agents are responsible for promoting the products and services provided by their clients, with the aim of getting you and me, the viewer/listener/reader to purchase or utilise their product/services. Similarly, God requires us to promote His message of peace, love and forgiveness.

Mark 16:15 (NIV)

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation”

So get out there and advertise for God!

I recently received this in an email and I liked it so much I wanted to share it with you…

ALthough things are not perfect

Because of trials or pain

Continue in thanksgiving

Do not begin to blame

Even when the times are hard

Fierce winds are bound to blow

God is forever able

Hold on to what you know

Imagine life without His love

Joy would cease to be

Keep thanking Him for all the things

Love imparts to thee

Move out of “Camp Complaining”

No weapon that is known

On earth can yield the power

Praise can do alone

Quit looking at the future

Redeem the time at hand

Start every day with worship

To “thank” is a command

Until we see Him coming

Victorious in the sky

We’ll run the race with gratitude

Xalting God most high

Yes, there’ll be good times & yes some will be bad, but…

Zion waits in glory…where no one is ever sad!

I’ve been asked by quite a few people over the last month or two, where I get my inspiration/ideas from for all my blog posts.

Well there’s no great secret to it, a lot of the time I blog about what I’m focusing on in my own personal devotions, so I just write about some of that. Other times I get ideas for blog topics from conversations I’ve been having or sometimes from tv programmes I’ve watched that just trigger some ideas. I also like to throw in a few blog posts about some of my interests such as football or tennis.

I’ve heard it said a few times that there’s nothing better than real life experiences to learn from, and I have to agree with that. So that is why I sometimes blog about my own personal life experiences…given how difficult life can be at times I think it’s important to share some real experiences with you all, in the hope that you can learn from my experiences, and from my mistakes!

So there you are, there’s an insight into my inspiration sources for my blog posts.

I pray that over the coming days and weeks that I can continue to post blogs which you find interesting, inspiring and hopefully a bit challenging to.

Happy reading!