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Events of these last few days have reminded us all how temporary our time on earth is. This is the reason why it is so important that we make the most of every moment we spend during our time here, as it’s what we do and say now, today, that will be our forever.

Forever is composed of nows – Emily Dickinson

Have you ever attempted something and then because you fail on your first attempt, you give up and don’t try again?

I think we’ve all done that at some time or another!

Winston Churchill once said

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts

and it’s so true isn’t it – just because we fail at something doesn’t mean we should give up; just because we are successful at something doesn’t mean it will last; and finally when we have the strength and courage to try again or simply carry on, that is what really counts.


We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems. ~ John W Gardner

…and the fact that these opportunities are brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems is the reason we find it so difficult to cope when problems arise in our life.

Problem solving is something I enjoy doing, it’s part of my job, to find IT solutions to problems. I’ve always enjoyed problem solving, as I was always quite good at maths at school and when I was younger I used to do those logic problem quizzes. All this doesn’t mean I enjoy life when I face “insoluble problems”, far from it, as I find them just as difficult as the next person to cope with.

Just remember that, as the above quote says, what might seem like an insoluble problem is actually a great opportunity in disguise, so make sure you grab those opportunities with both hands!


drowning2It’s great how we all try to help one another through difficult or troubling situations, however we must be willing to recognise when we are out of our depth.

The person in difficulty may be troubled by something we know nothing about or have no personal experience of.

It’s ok to tell someone that you want to help them but feel their problem is out with your knowledge or expertise to help them. Always offer to introduce them though to someone else who you know can help them better than you could.

Never leave someone in need thinking they are on their own and no-one understands their situation or how they feel, as reassurance I something that is always welcomed by those in need.

Today it’s time for another lesson in Scottish words and/or phrases. I wonder how many you’ll understand, never mind know!

  1. Face like a wet weekend
  2. We’re a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns!
  3. Drookit
  4. Shoogle
  5. Stour
  6. Peely-walley
  7. Tattie
  8. Feerty (not sure about spelling!)
  9. Hoose
  10. Reekin

Any ideas what any of the above means, or are they all a foreign language to you?

Here’s the meaning of each of the above:

  1. Looking unhappy or annoyed
  2. We’re all God’s children, nobody is better than anybody else – we’re all equal
  3. Soaking Wet
  4. Shake or jiggle
  5. Dust
  6. Pale or wan
  7. Potato
  8. Scared or frightened
  9. House
  10. Stinking or smelly

So how did you get on? Confused or feeling quite pleased with yourself for knowing them all?

who are youOf the billions and billions of people who have ever lives, there is one who stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of influence…

More schools, colleges, hospitals and orphanages have been started because of him, than because of anyone else.

More art has been created, more music written, and more humanitarian acts performed due to him and his influence than anyone else.

Great international encyclopaedias devote twenty thousand words to describing him and his influence on the world.

Even our calendar is based on his birth.

And all this he accomplished in a public ministry that lasted just three and a half years!

So who am I?

I am Jesus Christ!

ExamsDo you remember being at school and sitting exams? It was always so quiet in the exam halls wasn’t it!

Personally I always found the silence quite intimidating, so rather than it helping me concentrate, I found it distracting as every little noise seemed to be magnified 10 fold!

Could it be that life is just the same as school exams…when we’re being tested in life, our teacher, God, stays silent while we’re being tested. That of course doesn’t mean that our teacher doesn’t care how we are getting on in our test.

When we were at school, I’m sure if we’d tried to walk out on our exams, our teacher would have tried to convince us to stay and battle on through the test. Likewise in life, God may seem silent when we most need Him, but He is always there, and will help us when we need Him.

How many times have you to tried to do something, but either because it’s been too difficult or it’s taken too long to achieve, you’ve given up?

You have not failed until you quit trying ~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Some things time lots of practice and lots of time to achieve, and it’s through hard work and dedication that we can achieve those things. But please remember that just because something is difficult to achieve don’t give up, because when you give up and stop trying, you fail, and failure should not be a word that is part of our vocabulary.

God never gives up on us, or labels us failures, so let not allow failure to become part of our language, let’s keep trying to achieve our goals, and more importantly, God’s goals.


How’s your week been? I hope your week’s been better than mine!

Personally I’m really glad this week is finally over, as it’s been a very very long and very tiring week. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know I have been find things quite tough physically and emotionally for a while.

So this last week at work I’ve been on a training course with a number of my colleagues. The week comprised of two combined courses – the first 3 days long with a one hour “closed-book” exam at the end of the third day, and the second part of the course on the remaining two days with a two and a half hour “open-book” exam yesterday afternoon (which we were only allowed to sit if we passed Wednesday afternoon’s exam).

As I’m sure you can tell just from this, it was a fairly intensive course with a lot of theory. The fact that there were two exams during the week, just put added pressure on us.

It gets worse though…when I was originally asked if I wanted to go on the course I was given the outline of the course subject which easily sold the course to me as one I wanted to attend. Then a week before the course our training packs arrived – I opened mine, had a brief read of the covering letter which indicated there was a bit of pre-course reading to do, but due to all the things going on outside of work did no more with this until last weekend…that was when I discovered that there was estimated to be about 16 hours of pre-course reading to do before Monday! Needless to say there was no way I managed to do all this reading, I managed only about half (but I wasn’t the only one).

On Monday morning the course started, and as the day progressed it became apparent that we were going to be given homework to do every night of the course…I started to panic at this point as I know all the things I have to deal with outside of work each day and how exhausted I usually am when I get in from work…this week was going to be a struggle.

My predictions were accurate, it was a struggle this week as we ended up with about 3 hours of homework every night, so not only was I physically exhausted every day, but my brain hurt! By Tuesday afternoon I felt as though I was not absorbing any information as my brain had had enough by then. So as you can possibly imagine, I got myself into a bit of a state this week about how I felt I was doing on the course and the pressure to pass the exams.

Hubby was good though as he was the sensible person (just for a change, but don’t tell him I said that!), reminding me that even if I did fail the exams what difference would it make as I couldn’t be sacked just for failing an exam. Yes he was being the voice of reason, but to be honest it didn’t really stop me from getting very stressed about the course and the exams.

When Wednesday afternoon’s exam arrived I was very nervous, and was simply looking to pass the exam and didn’t really care what score I got. Much to my delight I passed the exam with a better score than I thought I would get…and everyone else passed too!

That made me feel a little more confident on Thursday however by the end of Thursday that optimism was gone, as during Thursday we did some past exam questions and I didn’t do well enough to pass some of the questions so would have struggled over all to gain enough marks to pass the final exam.

When Friday arrived I was stressed and just to make my day even more difficult I was in a lot of pain (my usual pain) and despite taking my painkillers since Thursday evening, they hadn’t made any impression on my pain…it was going to be a long and difficult last day on the course…my one consolation during the week has been that I’ve not been the only one who has felt as though they are struggling, although I’m not sure anyone else had been quite as stressed out about it as me, but I may be wrong.

So yesterday afternoon at 1pm, we sat down to sit our final exam. Two and a half hours late I finished answering the final question on the paper, and then about 30 seconds later time was called on the exam. It had been hard work trying to get through all the questions in the allocated time (again I wasn’t the only one who struggled time wise). The first few questions in the paper were ok however the further through the paper I got, the more difficult I found it, but maybe that was more down to the time pressure than the actual questions, I’m not sure.

At the end of the exam, not only did we have to hand in our answer paper, we also had to hand in the question papers too. In some ways this is good as it’s meant I’ve not been able to re-read some of the questions and then fret over potential wrong answers, as I now can’t remember any of the questions!

It will apparently be about two weeks before we get our exam results, so the worrying starts now!

I wonder how long I’ll have my results letter before I open it!

…an architect!
Surprised? Well it shouldn’t really be a great surprise as I was always very artistic when I was younger, ad you’d often find me sketching this or that when I had a few free minutes. And as for my schoolbooks etc, well they always ended up covered in doodles!

I loved drawing, I loved being creative. In a way that does link in with what I’ve ended up doing for a living, designing/developing/managing computer systems (applications).

So architecture was my plan, but how did I end up doing a degree in Computer Science and end up working in IT? Well to be honest I’m not quite sure! When I was at school (both primary and secondary) there were no computers in my schools, they were only just beginning to become “home computers”!

Sinclair ZX81

Yeah I know, I’m old, and putting this down in writing just makes me feel even older!

Although we had no computers at school, I was very interested in them and the possibilities they presented for the future. So yes, I did own a Sinclair ZX81 and then a Commodore 64! I was that geek!

So computing was becoming the “in” thing to do when I was at secondary school, so I think that plus my general interest in what computers could potentially do for us, lead me toward a career in computing.

I left school with the required qualifications to be able to do a degree in Computer Science, so I did that and so the rest, as they say is history.

Sometimes I do wish I’d pursued a career in architecture as I still think I could have done that, been good at it and enjoyed it, however I’m still happy to have got my computing degree and to still be working in IT. Like everyone I still have days when I wish I had a different job, but in the whole I’m still happy to be an IT professional!