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I’m sure having read the title of this post you’ve already had a dark depressing image come into you mind. So just to be sure you image is what I want, here’s the full phrase

Dark and cheerless is the morn

Dark heavy black skies, rain, thunder, windy… all words that come to my mind on reading those words.

But I’m sure your image will change when I tell you the next part of the phrase

Dark and cheerless is the morn unaccompanied by Thee

Wow, the image is so much brighter now isn’t it? By adding one line to the words, the image is so much brighter. Similarly, our lives may be difficult and stressful, however by adding one thing, God, our life, although it may not be any less stressful or difficult, will be easier because God will walk beside us through everything life throws our way.

Without God in our life, our lives may well be “dark and cheerless”, so let God brighten your life by being the centre of your life.