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Posted: October 21, 2016 in car, family, friendship, life, music, religion, transportation, Travel
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I dreamt the other night that I travelled to another city with a family member to visit some people whose house we’d never been to before, and surprise surprise, we got lost…I’m not sure if there was no SatNav in the car or whether we were in someone else’s car.

To be fair, we did seem to find the house we were looking for but then had to go to some shops, and it was once we’d been at the shops we got lost.

This got me thinking about how easy it can be to get lost in our journey through life, particularly if we don’t follow a map or directions.

Stay on course with your life, by following God’s path.


Posted: October 2, 2014 in life, music, religion
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God offers freedom to each of us if we follow Him.

God will take away our sins because Jesus died so that we could be forgiven.

So set yourself free, by letting God take away your sins.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is
There is freedom
Where the Spirit of the Lord is
Chains are broken
Eyes are open
Christ is with us
Christ is with us




Do you consider yourself to be a follower or a leader? Or are you a follower and a leader?

Yes it is possible to follow but also lead – How?

We can all be followers of God, and as a follower of God we can also be responsible for leading others to God, or guiding others in their Christian journey.

That’s all well and good, but do we always follow God and lead others, or are we guilty of trying to lead/direct God and follow others?

I think if we’re all honest we have all tried to direct God in some way at some time, whether it be trying to persuade Him that our way is best, or that He should let us do a particular task etc. I also think that we we’ve probably all been led astray from God plan for our life at some point, because we’ve been too busy following others and taking their advice or guidance, that we’ve forgotten about God.

In conclusion, make sure you are following God, and leading others to Him and not the other way around!

The last few days I’ve talked about the difference it can make living in the God’s light, but today I want to talk about the great responsibility that comes with living in the light of God’s love.

Having accepted God in my life, I am continually aware of the great responsibility that bestows on me. God expects all His followers to spread the light of His love throughout this world and that is a huge responsibility . This world is full of so many dark place and people who constantly live in darkness feeling they have nothing worthwhile in their life. It’s therefore up to us to try to bring some light into their world and into their hearts, light which reflect the love and support that God offers each of us.

It’s not easy to shine when all around us is darkness, as it can be very easy to be overwhelmed by the darkness. That is why we must ensure our life is truly full of God’s light and love, this way our light will shine brightly wherever we go and whoever we meet.

Shine as a light in this world. Shine as God’s light in this world.

Enjoy Shine As The Light performed by the New York Staff Band of the Salvation Army:  

Teach Me To Dream

Posted: March 6, 2010 in life, religion
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Our Respective Tasks

O Lord Supreme,
Teach my mind
How to sleep without a futile dream.
O Lord Supreme,
Teach my heart
How to regain my ancient dream-
The dream that revealed
You and I are one,
The dream that distributed
Our respective tasks:
You the Monarch of Heaven,
And I the Monarch of Earth.

Do you think your dreams are just random thoughts that come together in strange and unpredictable way? Well they are not, they are created by God based on His desires for our life. However they do pull on our conscious and unconscious aspirations.

When we awaken that’s when our dreams move into our consciousness. This is when we become aware of the content of our dreams, dreams which God has placed in our consciousness. God wants us to follow His dreams for our lives, but it’s still up to us to choose to accept these dreams as one we want to follow or aspire to. Let God help you reach your potential, accept His dreams for your life.

Brian Doerksen sings Lead Us Lord (Dream Again):

Lead Us Lord (Dream Again) by Brian Doerksen)

Here we stand
At a crossroads again
Like you said
In time the seasons change

Looking back
We recall the blessing and the pain
But now we turn our hearts toward
What is still to come
We want to dream again

Lead us Lord
Into a life of fruitfulness
Prepare our hearts to risk again
As we trust
Taking simple steps of obedience we know
That you will lead us Lord

Love is With You

Posted: February 5, 2010 in love, religion
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Love’s Been Following You (by Twila Paris)
I know sometimes it’s hard to believe it
But Love’s been following you
From where I stand I’m able to see it
And Love’s been following you
All through the stormy night
Didn’t you see the light
Goodness and mercy right there behind you

Love’s been following you
Some days your heart just couldn’t be colder
But Love’s been following you
All you have learned just makes you feel older
But Love’s been following you
You think that no one cares
Still Love is always there
He would go anywhere just to find you

Love’s been following you
Love has been following you
Love’s been following you
Love has been following you
Following you
Following you
Somehow the road just seems to get longer

But Love’s been following you
Wait for the One who will make you stronger
`Cause Love’s been following you
Wherever you go from here
Run far away from fear
Keep one thing near and believe it’s true

Love’s been following you
Love’s been following you
Love’s been following you

Love is always with you, in front of you, behind you, and beside you…God is always with you!

At our morning service we had the retirement of two officers (ministers) who have served as Salvation Army officers (minister) for 38.5 years! We celebrated there many years of faithful service and the love and teaching they have passed on to all they met during their service.

This all got me to thinking about my own service, obviously not as a Salvation Army officer (minister), but simply as a follower of Christ who is serving Him as a soldier in the Salvation Army at Bellshill. What I started thinking about was my own service. If this were my “retirement” today, would I be celebrating my service to God, confident I had served Him well all my life?

This is a very tough question, and an even tougher one to answer honestly! So what’s my answer? Well, I could tell you that I have served God as well as I possibly could and done everything He’s asked of me, but I’m afraid that would not be the truth. I have done something in my life that I am not proud of, I’ve done some things in my life that gone against God’s plan for me and I’ve said and done some things which I am ashamed of.

However, I am so thankful to God that despite all of this, He has forgiven me for all my sins, because He still loves me and cares for me and wants me to serve Him.
So how about you – If this were your”retirement” today, would you be celebrating your service to God, confident that you had served Him well all your life?

Whether your answer is positive or negative, rejoice, because God still loves you, and will always love you no matter what your sins.

On Thursday night at our band practice we practiced the beautiful Ivor Bosanko piece “His Provision” which was originally published in in the 1985 Musical Salvationist as a songster (senior choir) piece. The words of that piece are very relevant to where my thoughts have been today, and in fact we played this piece during our morning service.

Please consider the words of this song, and try to see how they fit with your life:

His Provision (Ivor Bosanko)
At the moment of my weakness,
When my need for pow’r is plain,
And my own strength is exhausted once again,
Then my Lord has made provision
For the day of my despair,
And His precious Holy Spirit hears my prayer, my prayer,
Then my Lord has made provision
For the day of my despair,
And His precious Holy Spirit hears my prayer.

Holy Spirit! Promised Presence fall on me.
Holy Spirit! Make me all I long to be.
Holy Spirit! Holy Spirit!
Give your pow’r to me,
O Holy Spirit.

When the darkness falls around me,
When bewildered and afraid,
When I feel the most deserted and betrayed,
Then my ev’ry need is answered
By God’s providential care,
And His precious Holy Spirit hears my prayer, my prayer,
Then my ev’ry need in answered
BY God’s providential care,
And His precious Holy Spirit hears my prayer.

Nothing now can rob God’s servant
Of the peace that He bequeaths,
Nothing take away the strength His presence breathes,
And His precious Holy Spirit hears my prayer, my prayer,
of the everlasting arms of love I’m daily made aware,
And His precious Holy Spirit hears my prayer.

In conclusion I just want to leave the highlight me favourite words in this song:
When the darkness falls around me,
When bewildered and afraid,
When I feel the most deserted and betrayed,
Then my ev’ry need is answered
By God’s providential care,
And His precious Holy Spirit hears my prayer.

These words are so reassuring to me, I hope they are reassuring to you too.

The Way Ahead

Posted: May 7, 2009 in life, religion
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When We Cannot See Our Way
When we cannot see our way,
Let us trust and still obey;
He who bids us forward go,
Cannot fail the way to show.

Though it be the gloom of night,
Though we see no ray of light,
Since the Lord himself is there,
‘Tis not meet that we should fear.

Be it ours, then, while we’re here,
Him to follow without fear,
Where he calls us, there to go,
What he bids us, that to do.

There have been many times during the last few years when my life has not been very easy and I have questioned “why?”. At these times a number of folk have directed me to the above song. I thank them for that as the words of the the 3 verses I’ve written above have brought comfort and reassurance to me during the darker times in my life.