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A long weekend

Posted: October 28, 2017 in education, Employment, life, quotes, work
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Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

However, that depends what the statement ‘long weekend’ means to you. Here’s a few thoughts about what a ‘long weekend’ might mean to you:

  1. A busy weekend filled of tasks, work or events, meaning you have no time for yourself.
  2. Not only are you not working Saturday and Sunday, but you’re also off on Friday and/or Monday.

Whether you’re having a relaxing weekend with extra days off work, or whether you’ve got loads to do over the weekend, it’s still the weekend, which means it’s time for you!

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, enjoy yourself!

Some more thoughts for those who have lost loved ones in the Clutha bar tragedy last Friday…

You painted me a picture of tomorrow
A place where you and I walked hand in hand
A world without despair and without shadows
But things just didn’t turn out how we’d planned
Now you’re gone

And I believe that there is somewhere
Where the angels fill the sky
And I believe we’ll live forever
You and I, you and I
Will never die

I wonder if you knew that you were leaving
I thought that I saw something in your eyes
You painted me a picture of believing
I’ll see you there on the other side
And I’ll be there

And I believe that there is somewhere
Where the angels fill the sky
And I believe we’ll live forever
You and I, you and I
Will never die

Life may not have worked out as you expected in these last few days, but be assured that your loved ones who have passed away are looking down on you now. They will live forever in your hearts and minds.

We can live forever because of God, and that I pray will give you hope for today and for the future.

On a day when many in Glasgow will be questioning why events of Friday night happened, and why their loved ones were the ones injured or killed in the incident, all I can offer is reassurance that many will be praying for you and your loved ones.

Glasgow helicopter crashFor those of you who do not know, at approximately 10.25pm on Friday night a police helicopter with 2 police officers and a civilian pilot crashed onto the roof of the busy Clutha pub in Glasgow city centre, injuring many and killing 8.

Some may think praying is not much to offer at a time of deep sorrow and disbelief, however for me although prayer may be all I can do, I believe it is the best we can all do.

It’s amazing what prayer can do. It comforts you, makes you feel whole inside, and gives you hope.

Through the pain and sorrow of these days, God will comfort those who mourn. The future may seem hopeless just now for some, but God can give them hope again.

To all those bereaved by this tragedy I offer my sincere condolences and pray that they may feel God’s love surrounding them at this time. To those injured, I pray that your physical and emotional scars from these events will heal quickly.

To all those in the emergency services who responded to the emergency call, I thank you for your dedication and commitment to help those in need. To you, my fellow Glaswegians who unselfishly tried to help and assist those caught up in the tragedy, I say well done for looking out for your fellow citizens.

I pray that God will comfort those who mourn tonight and surround all other affected by this tragedy with His love, providing hope for tomorrow.



On Friday (12 July 2013) the military funeral took place of 25-year-old Fusilier Lee Rigby, who was killed in Woolwich, south-east London, in May. I saw a little of they funeral on the tv as it was on the television in the hospital when I was sitting waiting to be taken for my appointment.

The events surrounding Lee Rigby’s murder I think touched many of us, as it seems he was murdered simply because he was a British soldier, serving his country in our armed forces.

After I finished at the hospital, as it was lunchtime I decided to go for a walk in a park I often walk through. In the centre of this park is a cenotaph commemorating our fallen soldiers from all the various wars. Having walked passé this cenotaph several times in the last week I was aware that at the foot of it were a number of poppy wreaths which had obviously been laid there last year on Remembrance Sunday.

On Friday however as I was walking round the park and neared the cenotaph I realised there was something different, there was a union flag and a small bouquet of flowers place at the foot of the cenotaph. A walk closer to the cenotaph I realised the flag and flowers with a lovely message had been placed there today in memory and support of Lee Rigby and his family, on this most difficult of days for them.

I must admit a wee tear came to my eye as I read the card that was attached to the flowers, it was such a lovely thing for someone who lives hundreds of miles away from where Lee lived and died, to do.

After a few moments of contemplation and prayer I continued on my walk round the park. My journey however was to take me back past the cenotaph and the memorial again a little later…

As I approached the cenotaph the second time a young boy of about 13 or 14 whizzed passed me on a scooter, he slowed as he passed the union flag and the flowers and then turned and stopped right in front of the flag and the flowers. By this time I was just a few metres away from the boy, and realised he was reading the card on the flowers and nodding. He took two or three stepped backwards away from the cenotaph, and as he turned towards in my direction to carry on his way he did a thumbs up in the direction of the cenotaph. He nodded again and smiled at me as he then whizzed off down the path on his journey.

I was very touched by this, as having already read the message that went with the flag and the flowers I realised he had obviously been as touched by them as I was. How many young lads of that age would be interested enough to stop and read something like this and show approval in the way this young lad had done.

I will probably never know who this young boy was, but what a credit to his parents. We say so much wrong in this world these days, that it was good to see some good on Friday, both from the person who left the tribute to Lee Rigby but also the boy who showed his support and approval to this memorial too.

RIP Lee Rigby


You may think I’m already crazy, or, by the time you’ve read todays blog post, i may have confirmed to you just how crazy I am…

Why? Because if you’ve never had a pet, you will probably not understand just how attached you get to them, they become just another member of the family. I’m sure every pet owner would agree with me in saying that our pets are just members of our family…so I’m not the only mad person around!

TiggerOver the last 3 weeks our cat Tigger, who will be 18 next Sunday, has not been too well, so we’ve had to take him to the vets a number of times. initially we went too concerned as he was just a wee bit off colour, but last Sunday everything came to a head, when, from first thing in the morning he just lay on our bed, not getting up for food or to go to the toilet, and other than turning over every little while, there he stayed, the whole of Sunday…In fact by Monday morning when woke up, Tigger had still not moved from the bed, and was now very weak and listless. We were very worried.

We called the vet as soon as it opened on Monday morning, and were told to take Tigger straight down. If you’ve never had a pet you will not understand just how worried we were about Tigger…we really thought it might almost time to say goodbye to him…and that would be no less difficult than with any other member of our family.

The vet was very concerned about Tigger too, so kept him in for to do some tests and to try to get him rehydrated again. To cut a long story short, after various blood tests it was confirmed that thankfully, Tigger’s liver and kidney functions were fine (this had been a major concerned as liver or kidney failure are common problems in cats), however they did show that Tigger has pancreatitis.

thCAO2MEKGApparently there is no known cause of pancreatitis in cats, but unfortunately there is no cure or specific treatment for pancreatitis in cat. Thankfully though, it need not be a life ending illness for a cat, as if they are closely monitored to ensure they are take on enough food/liquids, as the illness can make them feel like they do not want to eat/drink, and that is obviously a problem. The other potential problem is it could be a tumour in his pancreas…although the vet tells us he thinks this is unlikely, it’s still a major concern, because I fit is a tumour, it would be kinder just to say goodbye to Tigger.

For now, it’s just a case of trying to make sure Tigger eats and drink, although this has already been proving difficult, as having got him home on Wednesday night, he hardly ate anything Wednesday night or all day Thursday, so ended up back in the vets on Friday to be rehydrated again.

We got Tigger home again yesterday, and while he ate a little bit yesterday we were concerned he wasn’t eating enough again. Today however, he’s seemed a bit more back to normal and eating more, albeit we’ve been offering him fish and turkey rather than his usual cat food. So today we are much happier.

Tigger is obviously not out the woods yet, as things can very quickly take a turn for the worse if we can’t get him to eat anything. Although this weekend having had pain medication as well as antibiotics to get him, there’s definitely been a bit of improvement, so we are hoping there is nothing more sinister going on and by managing his condition he will be ok for a while yet…we’ll see what the vet has to say on Monday!

Pet are just like members of our family, we love them and they love us in return, when they are in pain, we feel for them, when they pass away we will mourn for them, just as we mourn the loss of any family member.

Power of the cross is what makes today a day to celebrate Christ, and God’s love for every one of us.

Christ is alive, He is risen from the dead and He is Lord!

Easter Sunday, today, is one of the happiest in the Christian calendar. Why? Because today we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. So let’s celebrate today by rejoicing in God’s love for each one of us.

God gave His son for us, so in return let’s celebrate this Easter by give our all to God.

On Friday I think we were all shocked and deeply saddened to hear of the shooting of 12 little girls, 6 little boys and 8 adults, when a heavily armed gunman, aged just 20-years-old himself, forced his way into a school in Newtown, Connecticut (USA). I’ve found myself constantly thinking of the families and friend of all those who were killed – An atrocity like this is bad enough at any time of the year, but it’s particularly sad as Christmas is so close.

Therefore today I want to remind you that although we often sing, “Christmas is a time to love”, loving others and showing our love for others should not just be a Christmas thing, it’s something we should do all year round. So take some time out today and every day to tell those you love, particularly your children, just how much they mean to you, and how much you love them.

Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day

Don’t get so busy that you miss
Giving just a little kiss
To the ones you love
Don’t even wait a little while
To give them just a little smile
A little is enough
See how many people are crying
Some people are dying
How many people are asking for love

o don’t save it all for Christmas day
Find a way
To give a little love every day
Don’t save it all for Christmas day
Find a way
‘Cause holidays have come and gone
But love lives on
If you give on

How could you wait another minute
A hug is warmer when you’re in it
Oh, baby that’s a fact
And saying I love you’s always better
Seasons, reasons they don’t matter
So don’t hold back
See how many people in this world
So needful in this world
How many people are praying for love

So let all the children know
Everywhere that they go
Their whole life long
Let them know love

It’s been just over a week I’ve been off work on annual leave, however, as usual when it’s almost time to go back to work, I wish I had another week off!

I gave you some idea of what I’ve been up to during my time off in Friday’s blog post entitled Normal Service Is Resumed. It’s been good not to be at work, however I must admit it’s not really felt like much of a rest as I’ve found it quite stressful spending everyday with mum!

Don’t get me wrong I love Mum and wouldn’t have wanted her to spend this last week on her own while Dad was in a care home for respite care. However due to all she’s having to cope caring for Dad, as well as us both dealing with my Dad’s and my Aunt’s guardianships, she offloads onto me as she is struggling to cope with it all. That’s fine with me as I’d rather she did that than try to cope on her own, however I’m finding it quite hard to cope too, as I too have a lot going on just now:

  • Concerned about Dad due to his dementia getting notably worse
  • Mum’s health because she’s still caring for Dad at home 24/7
  • Hubby’s health
  • Hubby’s job situation (early retirement/voluntary severance effective the end of this month)
  • My own on-going health worries – I’ve not really shared the extent of this with Mum as don’t want her to worry, as she’s enough to cope with!

I hope I don’t sound as though I’m complaining because I don’t intend too, I know life was never meant to be easy, so I’m simply just trying to give you an idea of some of the things I’m trying to cope with in my life at present, so you understand better the person writing this blog.

Mum asked me just yesterday if I had enjoyed my busy week off work and whether I was looking forward to going back to work for a rest! Maybe she’s more aware more than I think, about how I’m feeling and when I’m exhausted, struggling and in pain…

During my time off, when I’ve been struggling, I’ve found myself drawn again to the song Praise You In This Storm by Casting Crowns. Just like the words of this song say, I do wish that I was through this storm by now, however I thank God every day that I despite all I’ve been going through, I am still able to praise Him!

So it’s back to work tomorrow, and I’m pleased to say that today (Sunday), I finally got a day of doing absolutely nothing (typically I have a day of doing nothing when the weather is fantastic, but hey I needed it!)…and it was fabulous! Anyway I’m sure once I’m back at work tomorrow my week off will soon feel like was a distant memory by 10am!

I think it’s time to start planning another week or two off work!

How’s your week been? I hope your week’s been better than mine!

Personally I’m really glad this week is finally over, as it’s been a very very long and very tiring week. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know I have been find things quite tough physically and emotionally for a while.

So this last week at work I’ve been on a training course with a number of my colleagues. The week comprised of two combined courses – the first 3 days long with a one hour “closed-book” exam at the end of the third day, and the second part of the course on the remaining two days with a two and a half hour “open-book” exam yesterday afternoon (which we were only allowed to sit if we passed Wednesday afternoon’s exam).

As I’m sure you can tell just from this, it was a fairly intensive course with a lot of theory. The fact that there were two exams during the week, just put added pressure on us.

It gets worse though…when I was originally asked if I wanted to go on the course I was given the outline of the course subject which easily sold the course to me as one I wanted to attend. Then a week before the course our training packs arrived – I opened mine, had a brief read of the covering letter which indicated there was a bit of pre-course reading to do, but due to all the things going on outside of work did no more with this until last weekend…that was when I discovered that there was estimated to be about 16 hours of pre-course reading to do before Monday! Needless to say there was no way I managed to do all this reading, I managed only about half (but I wasn’t the only one).

On Monday morning the course started, and as the day progressed it became apparent that we were going to be given homework to do every night of the course…I started to panic at this point as I know all the things I have to deal with outside of work each day and how exhausted I usually am when I get in from work…this week was going to be a struggle.

My predictions were accurate, it was a struggle this week as we ended up with about 3 hours of homework every night, so not only was I physically exhausted every day, but my brain hurt! By Tuesday afternoon I felt as though I was not absorbing any information as my brain had had enough by then. So as you can possibly imagine, I got myself into a bit of a state this week about how I felt I was doing on the course and the pressure to pass the exams.

Hubby was good though as he was the sensible person (just for a change, but don’t tell him I said that!), reminding me that even if I did fail the exams what difference would it make as I couldn’t be sacked just for failing an exam. Yes he was being the voice of reason, but to be honest it didn’t really stop me from getting very stressed about the course and the exams.

When Wednesday afternoon’s exam arrived I was very nervous, and was simply looking to pass the exam and didn’t really care what score I got. Much to my delight I passed the exam with a better score than I thought I would get…and everyone else passed too!

That made me feel a little more confident on Thursday however by the end of Thursday that optimism was gone, as during Thursday we did some past exam questions and I didn’t do well enough to pass some of the questions so would have struggled over all to gain enough marks to pass the final exam.

When Friday arrived I was stressed and just to make my day even more difficult I was in a lot of pain (my usual pain) and despite taking my painkillers since Thursday evening, they hadn’t made any impression on my pain…it was going to be a long and difficult last day on the course…my one consolation during the week has been that I’ve not been the only one who has felt as though they are struggling, although I’m not sure anyone else had been quite as stressed out about it as me, but I may be wrong.

So yesterday afternoon at 1pm, we sat down to sit our final exam. Two and a half hours late I finished answering the final question on the paper, and then about 30 seconds later time was called on the exam. It had been hard work trying to get through all the questions in the allocated time (again I wasn’t the only one who struggled time wise). The first few questions in the paper were ok however the further through the paper I got, the more difficult I found it, but maybe that was more down to the time pressure than the actual questions, I’m not sure.

At the end of the exam, not only did we have to hand in our answer paper, we also had to hand in the question papers too. In some ways this is good as it’s meant I’ve not been able to re-read some of the questions and then fret over potential wrong answers, as I now can’t remember any of the questions!

It will apparently be about two weeks before we get our exam results, so the worrying starts now!

I wonder how long I’ll have my results letter before I open it!

I’m one of the lucky ones who’s been fortunate to have enough holidays left to be able to use up the last of my annual leave for this year between Christmas and New Year and then the 3 days after New Year. It’s great it means that after being at work on Friday 23rd December I’m not back at work until Monday 9th January next year!

So far, after Christmas I’ve had a pyjama day, a housework day and a housework and shopping day! Which was my favourite? Definitely my pyjama day!

I love having pajama days, not that I get them very often at all these days, so on Boxing Day I thoroughly enjoyed my pyjama day, especially as I’d got new fleecy pyjamas in my office Secret Santa and they are soooo cosy.

When I was younger I never liked having a lazy day, I used to feel as if I was being really unproductive if I wasn’t busy doing something every day. But my views have definitely changed, because I love lazy days…maybe it’s just because I get very little opportunity to have a “lazy day” these days that makes them so desirable!

When you have a day of doing nothing, do you feel relaxed or unproductive?

Whether your busy all the time or find time to have a pyjama day, I hope you are able to get some time to relax, chill and recharge your batteries this festive season.