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Posted: October 1, 2014 in Health, love, music, religion
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No matter us where we are, who we are, what we have done, God loved us yesterday, loves is today, and will love us tomorrow.

No matter our hurts, our wounds, our scars, God can heal us and make us whole.

Nothing can keep us from God’s love, ever!


Healing Is In Your Hands by Christy Nockels

No mountain, no valley
No gain or loss we know
Could keep us from Your love

No sickness, no secret
No chain is strong enough
To keep us from Your love
To keep us from Your love

How high? How wide?
No matter where I am
Healing is in Your hands

How deep? How strong?
Now by Your grace I stand
Healing is in Your hands

Our present, our future
Our past is in Your hands
We’re covered by Your blood
We’re covered by Your blood

How high? How wide?
No matter where I am
Healing is in Your hands

How deep? How strong?
Now by Your grace I stand
Healing is in Your hands

Sing this in faith
In all things we know that
We are more than conquerors
You keep us by Your love
Sing it out in all things

In all things we know that
We are more than conquerors
You keep us by Your love
You keep us by Your love

How high? How wide? Oh, Lord
No matter where I am
Healing is in Your hands

How deep? How deep is Your love?
How strong? How strong is Your love?
Now by Your grace I stand
Healing is in Your hands


I love this picture – If ever I afraid or scared of what lies ahead, I look at this picture and am reminded that God has promised never to leave me.

When you’re afraid, reach out and hold God’s hand.

When you’re alone and need a friend, reach out and hold God’s hand.

When you need direction for the future, reach our and hold God’s hand, and he will guide you.

When you’re in need, reach out and hold God’s hand because he will always be there for you.



Posted: August 25, 2010 in life, religion
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Have you ever spent your time trying to avoid someone or something? If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably have found the more you try to avoid something, the more you “bumped” into it!

Should that tell us something?! Maybe we shouldn’t try to avoid the things we don’t want to face. After all, all that does is just stretch things out even more, because inevitably some day, at some time we will have to face what we have been avoiding.

Do you try your best to avoid God and all he stands for? Why? Are you a non-believer? Or a believer who has fallen along life’s journey?

Do you think you can avoid God forever?

It’s impossible, because God is all around us everyday, everywhere we go. God can make a huge difference in your life – He can lift you up when you’re at your lowest, and He can direct you when you’re not sure which of life’s paths to take. Whenever you need a friend or someone to listen to you, God is there.

Don’t carry on avoiding God, just reach out and He will take your hand.

Dying To Reach You by Point of Grace

He looked through temples of time
To see you right where you stand
He emptied all of Himself
So He could reach out His hand
To give hope and meaning
To the wasted away
And you are one of the ones
That He was dying to save


He was dying to reach you
Trying to meet you
Where you need Him most
You’ve been living in search of
The whole truth and real love
Your whole life through
You can open your heart
‘Cause He’s dying to reach you

He’s standing there at the door
You can hear Him call you by name
He simply waits to forgive
All of the guilt and the shame
He gave up His own life
And He still bears the scars
He only wants to receive you
So come as you are


Oh, He has waited time and time before
You must be still and know that He is Lord

Angel Seed

Posted: July 7, 2010 in life, religion
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Angel Seeds by Louis Gander

Is there, not one angel, in Heaven I ask
who has a most difficult, uneasy task –
to this lonely person on earth here who needs
an angel from Heaven to mend his misdeeds?

Have all of you angels come down from above
to tackle the tasks that you keep abreast of –
while noises in churches sound much like a yelp
still come from those ‘saints’ much too busy to help?

Now are you an angel still waiting in line
to help this poor soul and who can’t see the ‘sign’?
Then step from that line – if you must, all alone
and help this poor soul to believe the unknown.

Now if, in my tunnel, you see hopeful light
to help even me who must find what is right –
then “angel” you are who can know even me
and conquer those tasks which can make this man free.

So go plant the seeds to produce more good fruit
in every lost soul with such futile pursuit –
who can’t be forgiven through Heaven above –
….unless, as an angel, you show them God’s love.

Wow! A wonderfully poem which reminds us that we can make a difference in someone’s life. Sometimes we just need to reach out to those in need and give them our hand, it may be all the help and reassurance they need to get them through another day. When we reach out to someone, to help them, we need to remind them that although we are with them at that time, God is with them always and is always “holding their hand”.

Be and angel to someone today!

In God’s Hands

Posted: March 9, 2010 in life, religion
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For all those who are struggling, as the above song by Celebr8 entitled You Are In God’s Hands tells us, we are never alone, no matter where we are or what we’ve done or what has happened to us, God is there. 

You are In God’s hands

Oh how he loves you

Let him hold you

Just let him be the strength

You need to see you through

You are in God’s hands

And if you’ll let him

You’ll find him to be more than faithful

You are in God’s hands

It’s tough I know when you face times of trouble and life seems to be conspiring against you, but I can testify that God will be more than faithful to you, as you ARE in His hands.


You mean everything to God so He will never let you face anything He doesn’t think you can handle. God is always there to help you through everything that you face in life. Trust Him. Trust God. 


Posted: January 4, 2010 in family, Glasgow, life
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Well I’ve had one of those days when I did absolutely nothing I intended to, or planned to do. Today was the last day of our Christmas/new Year holidays as both my husband and me go back to work tomorrow. We had planned after a long lie to venture out somewhere however before midday our plans were turned upside-down.

To cut a long story short, I ended up at the hospital with my Mum and Dad from about midday till after 6pm, as my Dad had a fall this morning.

However what I wanted to mention was that several times today Mum said to me “it’s just as well we don’t know what each day holds”. Sitting in the A&E of one of the busy Glasgow hospitals, you see some sights which make you very thankfull for the health we have – today was a particularly busy day at that A&E and I saw a number of very seriously ill people.

My Mum is right, it is just as well we don’t know what lies ahead of us each day, or we may not have the courage to face it!

So today I’d just like to say, don’t be afraid of what the future holds, God is with you. If ever you feel very low just think of those much worse off than yourself, and thank God for the things you do have.

I know I’ve used the following song before, but the words of it have been going through my mind all day and they fit in perfectly with how my day has gone…I’m In His Hands

Great Kindness

Posted: November 10, 2009 in love, religion
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Kind words cost nothing and can achieve much, even difficult people respond to kindness.

Be kind – Show some love to the unloveable.

Hands Of Kindness

Oh your hands of kindness are here for me
And I have heard they are silken and can carry me

How I love you
All I am is you
King of love I bow

Oh your hands of mercy were scarred for me
And your body was broken so that I go free

Oh your love that burns me, deeper than the sea
And the treasure I find here, the saviour’s love for me

Visit the Delirious website:

Use Me

Posted: October 25, 2009 in family, life, religion
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Anyone of us can be a rainbow in somebody’s clouds. – Maya Angelou

Have you been a rainbow in someone’s life today?
Do you make a point of trying to help those whose life seems to be full of clouds?

As a Christian, I know God wants me to try to help those in need. I’m not a person who finds it very easy to talk openly to anyone about feelings/emotions (mine or anyone else’s!), so when I felt God was directing me towards blogging I had no idea that nearly ever blog post I made was going to be me talking about God and how He can use us and work in us. I’ve been as amazed as anyone by my blog posts!

I pray that God continues to use this blog to reach others. I pray that through something I write, you may accept God as your Saviour and friend, or indeed reaffirm your love for Him if you have already accepted Him into your life.

Thank you Lord for using me in this way. I pray I may be “the rainbow in somebody’s clouds” through what I write, as I do it in Christ’s name.

I pray you will let God use you to to do His will in whatever way He sees fit.

The Potter’s Hand

I’m in His hands, I’m in His hands,
Whatever the future holds
I’m in His hands.
The days I cannot see
Have all been planned for me;
His way is best you see;
I’m in His hands.

I shared those words with you last week, when I told you of some difficult days ahead for me. Well I’ve survived those days! It’s certainly not been plain sailing but God has certainly held me in His hand during the last few day. I certainly wouldn’t have got through them as well as I have without Him!

Our weekend visit to Peterborough Salvation Army was absolutely fantastic, and I’m delighted to say a number of people even knelt at the Mercy Seat during the Sunday morning service which was led by David Kendall. There was great atmosphere in the meeting – God was most certainly there, and working!

Well it was such an emotional meeting for me with Olwyn Mathie singing “Written In Red” which as always she sang so beautifully and with so much feeling, and the congregational song “The Power of Your Love” that both always really touched me, that I fell apart during the meeting and found myself kneeling at the Mercy Seat! I’m still not quite sure how I got myself there!

It was an emotional day for me not just because of the morning service, but during the afternoon service I didn’t feel too well again so had to stop playing with band. I really had hoped I’d have managed to get through the weekend pain free, but at least it was the last meeting of the weekend before it happened I suppose.

Thank you God for holding me close these last few days, they’ve been tough but through your strength I’ve made it through.

Thank you to all of you who have prayed for me particularly over these last few days – I really do appreciate your prayers and your support.
I’d also like to thank those in Bellshill Band and Peterborough corps who offered their support during the weekend, I was much appreciated.
Thank you all.

Difficult Days

Posted: September 30, 2009 in life, religion
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I have debated for a few days whether to share a little of what’s ahead for me – but having thought and prayed about it, I feel it’s appropriate as I feel I really need your prayers for the coming days.

I hope that through all my previous blog posts you realise that although I’m asking you for your prayers, I have placed my life in God’s hands – it doesn’t make life any easier to face at times, but it does help to know God is by my side, through it all.

As the title of this post suggests, I find myself facing some difficult days. Each of the next few days find me facing different situations each of which I’m struggling a bit to find the strength to get through them.

My Dad hasn’t been too well recently and tomorrow he’s at the hospital for tests etc. So as you can imagine we’re all a bit concerned about the outcome of all that.

On Friday evening I leave with rest of Bellshill Salvation Army Band to visit Peterborough Salvation Army for the weekend. That in itself is great, so I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m worried about that! While the band has had a few weekends away in the last few years, this weekend will be the the first time for a while that I’ve been well enough to go away with them. Although I’m much better than I was a few years ago, I still have some days when I am not too good,so I’m worried that I might struggle physically (and therefore emotionally too) while we’re away.
Despite my reservations and worries about the coming weekend, I really am looking forward to being able to go away with the band again, as they are a good bunch of Christian folk.

You can visit the band’s website at:

Finally to round of the next few days, I’ve got a hospital appointment on Monday for more tests – so that really has just finished off, what for me, will be a difficult few days physically and emotionally.

So there you go, that’s what lies ahead for me in the next few days. Unfortunately I know I’m already starting to get stressed about these things even though it’s probably not obvious to those who see me, so I could really use your prayers for the next few days please.

Thank you all for your support, I really do appreciate it.

I’m in His hands, I’m in His hands,
Whatever the future holds
I’m in His hands.
The days I cannot see
Have all been planned for me;
His way is best you see;
I’m in His hands.
by Stanley E Ditmer