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Have you every felt completely alone? If you have you will probably be able to relate to the this

If you’ve never felt lonely, you probably do not understand how anyone can possibly feel even lonelier when other people engage in conversation with them. Just because someone talks to you, it doesn’t mean they have realised how lonely you feel, or that to you, their words seem empty because all you really need is a friend, someone who sees your struggle and just holds you to help reassure you that all will be ok.

I’m not entirely sure why, but I’ve found myself thinking about my life now, and how that compares to what my life was like when I was much younger.

In doing that, I’ve wondered, if I was able to give my younger self some advice or information to help them, what would that be. So today I want to share with you three bits of advise I’d want to give my younger self:

  1. Don’t be so concerned about showing your emotions, they show you’re human, and that you care!
  2. Hug those you love and tell them daily how much you love them, as tomorrow is not guaranteed.
  3. Trust God, no matter what situations you’re going through.

How about you, what advise would you give your younger self?


Just because someone doesn’t say much doesn’t mean they don’t want to talk.

Just because you’re an introvert doesn’t mean you don’t need friends.

Just because no-one notices when you’re not there doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about you.

Just when you think no-one cares, someone always surprises you.

Just when you need a hug, someone will be there for you.

Just when you’re struggling, someone will pray for you.


Just where you are you can help someone in need.

Just where you are is just where God needs you.


Just because God loves you.

Bear Hug


Maybe we all need to stop for a minute and look at those around us properly…are they struggling…do they look like they need a hug…do they need someone to talk to?

Often people will not ask for help when they really need it, so it’s up to the rest of us to look out for them and look after them.

In the last few days I’ve spoken about how we sometimes struggle to face each day, and then yesterday I asked what helps you to get through a day when you are struggling. In answer to this question, I told you that for me, when I am struggling to carry on, a hug from someone you knows and understands how I’m feeling, can be exactly what I need to give me the strength to carry on.

Here’s some things a hug can help with:


Any of those suggestions ring true with you? There’s certainly a few I can relate to!

If you see someone who’s struggling with life, go on give them a hug, it could just be the thing that gives them the reassurance and strength to carry on!

The last couple of days I’ve talked about times when you feel like you have nothing left to get yourself through a day, or to support someone else. Today though I want to look at this from a slightly different perspective…when you feel like that what do you actually need from those around you?

Here’s some suggestions:

  • Love
  • Compassion
  • A hug
  • Words of comfort
  • Someone to listen to your fears/worries

Do any of those things sound like things you’d appreciate if you are struggling to get through a day?

I can certainly say that for me, each of those things can be a huge help to me, although if I’m honest, sometimes just a hug is all I need.

What about you – when you’re feeling at your lowest and wonder how you’re going to get through the day, what helps you, and gives you the strength to carry on?

I'm not ok

When I’m struggling I go all quiet and don’t really want to talk to anyone. I also try not to look anyone directly in the eye for any more than a brief second at a time.

Comforting a friendWhy? Because I’m scared that if anyone looks me straight in the eyes for more than a second or two, they’ll see my deepest feelings and emotions, and therefore know exactly how I feel. That in turn will make me fall apart and that, you may remember if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, would be my worst nightmare…falling apart in public.

Many people I’ve spoken to about my fear of falling apart have told me it would be good for me just to “let go”…they really do not understand how scary a thought that is for me. To be honest I’ve always felt I’d rather sit in a room by myself for hours than fall apart in public, and despite being told repeatedly it would be good for me to “let go”, I will continue to do all I can to stop my nightmare coming true in public!

Just because I don’t fall apart in public does not mean I never “let go” because I do. However I do agree it might me nice if someone was there to give me a hug and reassure me when I do fall apart – But the thought of doing that in public it so scary for me I’ll be trying my best to make sure that doesn’t happen!

There are times in our lives when all we need is someone to put an arm around our back and comfort us. Why is it that that simple act can be the reassurance and comfort that we need during a difficult time?

I’ve not got an answer for you to that questions, however all I will say is that maybe it’s just the physical acknowledgement from someone that they understand you are struggling and need their support, that makes it so good, or maybe it’s something else. Either way, if you see someone in need, someone who’s struggling, I’d encourage you to reach out to them and give them a hug, just to let them know that you are thinking and praying for them.

Sometimes without that physical act, those in need may not realise others are supporting them, and praying for them, so that simply act may mean the world to them.

Personally, I’m not the kind of person who likes to show a great deal of outward emotion, therefore I personally find my own advice here hard to do. However, from my own experience I do acknowledge the impact and comfort a simple hug can mean, so I will try to do the same for others. Why not join me today in vowing to give those around us who are struggling, a little comforting hug.

It can often be the little things that we do for others that can mean the biggest to someone else.

  • A phone call/email/text to ask how someone is feeling or to say you missed them today
  • An arm round someone’s shoulder to offer reassurance
  • A word of welcome to visitors
  • Offer of support to someone in time of difficulty
  • A phone call/email/text to say you missed them today

I’m sure you can think of many other “little things” we can do to offer support and encouragement to others.

Do you think when we do these “small things” can make a big difference to recipient? I do!

I have been both a giver and a recipient of some of the “small things” I’ve mentioned above. When I was the recipient I cannot find the words required to tell you just how much the supposedly small thing meant to me, as they often raised my spirits at a time when I felt everything was going wrong in my life. When I’ve been the giver, I also have been aware of just how much those small acts can mean, as I have seen the appreciation and sometimes also relief in the recipients eyes and/or voice, and that is a great feeling for the giver as well as the recipient!

Go on, make someone’s day today, even if it’s just a little thing it may well mean the world to the recipient.


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In this time of mobile phones, social media and the internet, we can sometimes find ourselves void of any real human contact/interaction. I find that very sad, as there are some things which are not the same if they are done electronically. e.g. (((hugs)))  – a virtual hug.

See what I mean, a  (((hugs)))  while good and expresses the sender’s care and compassion for the receiver, is not quite the same as receiving a hug in person is it?

There can be many times in our lives when we need a hug from a friend or family member, just to reassure us that all will be OK. A virtual hugs can often mean the world to the receiver at these times, however for me nothing will ever beat a real hug. Hugs often mean more than any words can ever say.

Don’t get me wrong I love getting a virtual hug from my friends when they can’t be with me in person when I’m in need of a hug. So thanks to all of you who at some point have given me a virtual (((hugs))).

And to those who have given me a real hug when I’ve needed it most, an extra special thank you, as it’s very often meant the world to me.

Everyone needs a hug sometimes, so give your friends and family a hug today.

Open Arms by Michael W Smith

Many people in the steeple
But no one leads the lost
Quick to stand and speak
All of their beliefs
Quick to leave you if you fall

Tell me where’s the love
It knows no boundaries
Tell me where’s the love
Yeah yeah
Open arms
We need to be
Open arms

Never judge you
Always loving
Needs to be what we become
Lifting up the lost
Showing them the cross
Shining brightly like the sun

Tell me where’s the love
It knows no boundaries
Tell me where’s the love
Yeah yeah
Open arms
We need to be
Open arms

Tell me where’s the love
That knows no boundaries
Tell me where’s the love
Yeah yeah
Open arms
We need to be
Open arms
Oh yeah
Everybody sing

Na na na na na na
Na na na
Open arms
We need to be open arms
And the whole world sing
Na na na na na
Na na na na na
Open arms