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Regardless of whether we mean to or not, I’m sure we are all sometimes guilty of judging others based on their appearance.

Why is that though? Is it because we live in an ages when so many seem to value their physical appearance? Is it because we can’t see past people s’ outward appearance and see what’s within them?

Thankfully, God doesn’t judge us by what we look like, as he sees cares about what’s within our heart.

How about you, do you take the time to see what’s within a person’s heart before you judge them, or do you simply go on someone’s outward appearance?


In a world where so many try to imitate or copy celebrities in their looks, their dress-sense, their actions and even the way they walk and talk, is there really anyone out there who is exactly who they are?

Of course there are, as not all of us and driven to act/look like celebrities. However I say that with one caveat…I may not take action to look or act more like today’s celebrities or star, but I do try my best to live my life like the one person I consider to be the Real Things, Christ.

How about you, are you trying to live your life in the image of the rich and famous, or are you trying to live like the Real Thing, Christ?