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Identity thieves try to steal other people’s identities…Christ tries to steal our heart.

Christ wants us to be more like like Him, but that doesn’t mean we should steal His idenity. Far from it, we will never be identical to Christ as we are human and as such we can never be perfect. However we can, through His help do all we can to be more and more like Him.

Identity thieves pretend to be someone they are not…To be a true Christian we must be like Christ, not just pretend to be a Christian.

Sometimes I think we all need to all remind ourselves that we should all be trying to be more and more like Christ. After all as a Christian, wouldn’t it be the ultimate compliment if others can see Christ in us!

When others look at you, can they see Christ or do you need to take on more of Christ’s identity?

These days we are increasingly able to do all our transactions and interactions anywhere and at whatever time of day, using computers, phones and other new gadgets.

As a consequence of this we seem to be hearing about a growing number of computer frauds that are taking place. One of the types of fraud that seems most alarming and difficult to stop, is identity theft.

So what is identity theft?

Identity Theft is when an imposter pretends to be someone else so that they can illegally gain information, services, goods or money. e.g. Someone pretends to be you by using your name and credit card details to order goods or services; Someone pretends to be you to “hide” from authorities by giving your name/address as their own.

I’ve heard a few stories of people who have found their identity has been stolen, and it seems to be a very long and difficult task to convince the authorities/credit card companies that you are who you claim to be, and that the other person using your identity is an imposter.

Personally the term identity theft always makes me think of something positive – someone so great that we all want to be so others try to be that person. I.e. They try to take on the same personality traits as the person whose identity they are impersonating.

So how do we keep ourselves safe from identity theft? I can only offer a little bit of advice in the hope that this help you from falling foul of identity theft:

  • Keep you credit/debit cards in a safe place at all times
  • Don’t share your credit/debit card details with anyone…especially your PIN number
  • Don’t let your credit/debit card out of your sight when paying for goods/services in shops/restaurants
  • Only share minimal personal data on-line – Those who know you will find you from the little information you share
  • Only use secure internet sites when making on-line purchases
  • Be careful how you dispose of mail/documents that include your name and/or address

These are just a few hints – If you need further information I’d suggest the following websites: