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I’ve done a few Word Associations with you over the last while, but as you’ll see from the title this is another Christmas word association today. It may be a Christmas edition word association, but it’s the same format, so I’m going to throw some words at you  and I want you to note down the first word that comes into your mind when you read each word.

So here goes…

  1. wordsTV advert
  2. Christmas shopping
  3. Bells
  4. Carol service
  5. Pudding
  6. Shepherd
  7. Star
  8. Christmas dinner
  9. Work
  10. Christmas cards


So how did you get on with those words? Did you find it easy? Did your answers surprise you or were they just as you expected?

Well here’s my responses to my questions:

  1. John Lewis
  2. Queues
  3. Watchnight service
  4. Nativity
  5. Snow bombe
  6. Lost
  7. Bright
  8. Marks and spencers
  9. Holidays!
  10. Stamps

Were any of your answers the same as mine? Did any of my answers confuse you? Did any of your own answers confuse you?

I’ve said in previous word association posts that I find I get a bit stressed when I’m doing them as I put a lot of pressure on myself not to over think my answers! Are you relaxed when you do them or do you find it stressful too?

I still believe that when we respond with the first words that come into our minds, our answers tell us a lot about our emotional state, and what’s important to us at that particular point in time.

Bearing all this in mind, review your answers, does my theory hold true?

By the way, if you want me to explain any of my answers, just ask!

In the last few months in my previous “Slogans” blog posts, I mentioned how we all see and hear many adverts on a daily basis via advertising hoardings or adverts on the radio, television  magazines and newspapers.

Today again I want to give you some more slogans to see how many of the companies/organisations associated with them you can identify from their slogans?

  1. Think small
  2. Save money. Live better
  3. The customer is always and complete right!
  4. Challenge everything
  5. Have it your way
  6. Make the most of now
  7. Unchanged since 1926
  8. Eat fresh
  9. A diamond is forever
  10. Never knowingly undersold

So that’s the slogans, how many do you think you know?


So here’s the answers…

  1. Volkswagen
  2. Walmart
  3. Marks & Spencer
  4. EA
  5. Burger King
  6. Vodafone
  7. Total Greek yoghurt
  8. Subway
  9. Dee Beers
  10. John Lewis

There were a few tricky ones in there, so if you got them all, well done!

I’ll be doing a few more of these in the coming weeks, so keep watching the adverts and remembering the slogans!

Today is all about options again – I’m going to give you two items at a time, and you have to choose which either best describes you or which you prefer:

  1. Cold weather or wet weather
  2. New York or Las Vegas
  3. Silver jewellery or gold jewellery
  4. Burger or pizza
  5. Midsomer Murders or Dalziel and Pascoe
  6. Sony or Samsung
  7. Debenhams or John Lewis
  8. Jumper or cardigan
  9. Snooker or pool
  10. Sweet or savoury

A variety of questions, some about your personality, some about your preferences. Whatever your answers, together they define who you are.

In case you’re wondering here’s my answerslogo_your_preferences_final

  1. Cold weather
  2. Las Vegas
  3. Gold jewellery
  4. Pizza
  5. Midsomer Murders
  6. Samsung
  7. John Lewis
  8. Jumper
  9. Snooker
  10. Sweet