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The last few days I’ve spoken about how we let our emotions rule our lives sometimes and also about how it’s through living through tough situations that we grow as people and as Christians.

I’m sure you’ll all agree with me, when I say that we’re all guilty of continually thinking about negative or difficult events that have happened in our life, especially when the outcome or impact of those events was not a positive one or one we hoped for.

The longer you think about the wrong things, the harder it will be to get rid of them. – Joyce Meyer

We really do need to take control of our lives by giving all those things to God, and leaving them there, along with our emotions and our hurts. Only then will we be able to learn from those experiences, and move on without letting those things have a negative impact on us.


Do you let your feelings and emotions rule your life sometimes? I know I sometimes do, and then I feel annoyed and disappointed at myself for letting them!

If you will stop feeding your feelings, then they will stop controlling you. ~ Joyce Meyer

Yes, it’s true, we are all guilty at times of “feeding” our feelings and therefore letting them rule how we live our lives. But we don’t have to, if we give God all our upsets, annoyances and despairs, He will help us live with them, without letting them rule us anymore.

So go on, give all those things that are ruling your live and controlling your emotions , to God today.

No matter what you might be facing right now or what comes up in the future, remember two things: God is with you—and He’s in control. ~ Joyce Meyer

Life can really be tough at times, and it can feel as if no-one cares about us. However it’s then we must remind ourselves that someone does care about us…God cares about us, and is always here with us, and He’s calling us to trust in Him.

Have you put your full trust in God?