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I read the following tweet by Nicky Gumbel a few weeks ago:

@nickygumbel: People may hurt you but God will heal you. People may humiliate you but God will honour you. People may judge you but God will justify you.

After reading it I immediately favourited it and retweeted it. Why? Because it reminded me what should be important to me…God!

If you’ve read my blog posts the last couple of days, you may have realised I’ve been a bit annoyed and upset by various things that have happened to me recently. However last night after publishing yesterday’s blog post I came across the above tweet again in my favourites, and it was just the reminder I needed…No matter how people treat us, good or bad, God will always be the only one who will always be there for us.

So a word of warning to you all, you may hurt and upset me, you may humiliate me and you may judge me unfairly, but I know that God alone is will heal, honour and justify me.

God is all I need!