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That moment when you wake up, jump out of bed and quickly get ready for work because you’ve slept in…but then realise it’s actually Saturday, so you don’t need to go to work!

Yes, I’ve done that a few times. Sometimes I realised it was the weekend before I actually got out of bed. Other times I’ve got as far as starting to get dressed before I’ve realised what day it is.

How about you, how far did you get? I hope you didn’t actually get as far as leaving the house before you realised what day it was.

Regardless of how far you got getting ready for work on the wrong day, I bet you felt like a fool when you realised you’d got the day wrong!

That moment when you pull your front door shut as you leave your house, and just as the lock clicks shut, you realise that your house keys are still lying on the dining room table!



What do you do?

I guess the first thing you do it kick yourself for being daft enough to forget to pick up your keys!

Next you’ll be wondering whether it matters that you’ve locked your keys in the house:

  • If your partner/husband/wife will be home before you, does it actually matter that you are now locked out the house and your keys are on the table inside?
  • If you expect to be home before your partner/husband/wife – what do you do? Have you a neighbour or friend who has a spare set of keys for your house?
  • If you live on your own, do you have a neighbour or friend who has a spare set of keys for your house? If not, do you have a number for a locksmith, or know where you can find one?

Accidentally locking your house keys in the house, is annoying and may cause you to change your plans, but it is something you can hopefully resolve reasonably easily. So if you are unfortunate enough to lock yourself out your house, try not to panic, it can be fixed!